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951 Twin How, Ebenezer (I2162)
952 Twin Kunkel, Josiah (I23683)
953 University of Glasgow:
Special Collections

Reference Code: GB 0247 MS Whistler A195
Call Number: MS Whistler A195
Content: Letter from Tom Armstrong to James McNeill Whistler. 22 Edwardes Square, Friday [1868?] 'Dear Jim,' The Irish Whistlers had a castle on Lough Neagh in Ulster and were buried at the Parish church at Magherafelt. He suggests Whistler writes to the rector, and to a surgeon at Bray in County Wicklow, Thomas Whistler, A.B., F.R.C.S. who is interested in the family history. Randolphus Whistler died in 1657 and was buried at Magherafelt. The family leased land from a London Company, and the Irish Gazetteer gives details of this. 'Yours ever-/Tom Armstrong
Place of Creation: London England
Date of Creation: 1868
Physical Description: ss. written on both sides mourning, holograph
Language: English
Document Type: Letter
Associated Websites: MS Whistler A195. Transcription and notes.

Level of Description: Item
Access: Normal conditions
Accession Number: 2491 (See collection level record)
Series: Part of MS Whistler A-Z (See series level record)
Record Number: 47487
Names associated with this document:
author: Thomas Armstrong fl.1856-1868 Biographical notes
recipient: James Abbot McNeill Whistler 1834-1903 Biographical notes
subject: Ralph Whistler d. 1657 Biographical notes
subject: Thomas Lowe Whistler b.c.1813
Whistler, Ralph (I3630)
954 Unmarried Prince of England John (I1827)
955 Unmarried Codgbrook, Wiles (I1325)
956 US Federal Census 1920 Silver City, Juab, Utah, USA
***Married Bessie Amelia Allred, his wife's sister, one month after her death.  
Naylor, Henry Mayor (I23416)
957 Utah Journal,14 Sep 1887, p. 3


A Thrill of Horror Sent Through The Community.

On Saturday night, about 6 p.m., occurred one of those terrible events which send a thrill of horror through the community. About 7 p.m. the body of a young man, of powerful physique, was discovered, in an upper apartment of his father’s house on Third South street, wellering in a pool of blood and with the head almost severed from the body. The floor of the room was spattered and saturated with the crimson stain for some distance around, indicating that the struggle of the strong man with death had been prolonged and terrible. A razor smeared with blood was found ? the body, a circumstance tending to show that is was probably a case of suicide.
For some cause Coroner Taylor was not notified of the case until yesterday morning when he immediately took steps to enquire into the cause of death in order to ascertain whether the man had been murdered or whether is was a case of suicide. The jury having been duly empanelled and witnesses sworn. Robert Porcher, father of the deceased was placed upon the stand. He testified, in substance, that the deceased was his son Arthur Porcher 28 years of age, dark complexioned, about 5 feet 11 inches in height, and unmarried. A little before 3 p.m. he noticed that Arthur seemed to be in a brown study about something. He was moody and silent accept when spoken to, when he merely answered in monosyllables. “Yes� or No. Witness told him he was going up town, when Arthur asked him if he had any money, and afterward handed his father 30 cents in change. Witness then went up town to make some purchases. This was about 3 p.m. He did not get back until about 6:30 p.m. and shortly after asked Walter (another son) where Arthur was, and he replied up stairs and that he thought he was asleep. Witness then took off his shoes to avoid waking him and went cautiously upstairs, when he discovered the deceased, and almost fainted with horror at the terrible picture presented. As soon as he recovered sufficiently he ran out an d alarmed the neighborhood in search of assistance.
Walter Porcher, brother of the deceased, testified that he (Walter) was lying outside of the house under a tree when his father went up town and that shortly after his father left the house he heard his brother run up stairs, and subsequently heard him pacing the floor, until about 4 p.m. when he fell asleep and awakened later with a shock from a terrible dream, with the impression that some one was calling him. He added that deceased was subject to lapses of reason and that about eight years ago he had been sent to the asylum in this city for six months, and that about three years ago he had been locked up at the City Hall for interfering with a man on the sidewalk and that his fits of aberration were frequent and unaccountable; that he had no enemies and that there was not the slightest suspicion that he came to his death otherwise then by his own hand. The jurors brought in a verdict in accordance with the facts. – Deseret News.
Porcher, Arthur (I24035)
958 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DeKarver, Katrina Dawn (I1287)
959 Verify burial at Old Eno Presbyte,Orange Co.,North Carolina  Fausett, David (I3920)
960 Victoria's note:
***I put the junior on the end to keep them straight in my mind. It does not appear that they used the junior suffix. 
Burnett, Samuel Henry Junior (I23321)
961 Victoria's note: (I will miss the way she would say, "Isn't that darling!) and "For cute!"

Her favorite color: Pink (in its many shades)
LaVone Kunkel Moulton

LaVone Kunkel Moulton 1917 ~ 2005 LaVone Kunkel Moulton, died Friday morning at the age of 88. She was born February 25, 1917 in Salt Lake City, to Mattie Winkless and Arthur Roy Kunkel, the second of 2 daughters. She married Jack F. Moulton in 1941, and were married for 58 years when he died in 1999. They were sealed for time and all eternity in 1950. They are the parents of one son and four daughters. LaVone was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served actively all her life. She has been a member and leader in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. She was a great cook, she painted, sewed, quilted and had many other talents. LaVone loved animals and the outdoors. She was thought of as the Gum Drop Granny to thousands of children who dropped by for a gumdrop. LaVone has 26 grandchildren, and 37 great-grandchildren. She is survived by her sister, Arlyn June Johnson of Salt Lake City, her son Vaughn K. Moulton (Karen) of Highland, daughters: Sydney Taylor of Social Circle, GA; Kathleen Buhler (Carl) of Lehi; Madeleine Gale (Stephen) of Heber City; and June Hicken (Claude) of Heber City. Preceded in death by her husband, two great-grandchildren and a son-in-law, Roger Taylor. Funeral Services will be Thursday, March 10, 2005, at 11:00 a.m., in the Highland Utah West Stake Center, 9600 N. 6800 W. Friends and Family may call Wednesday evening from 6-8:00 PM at the Wing Mortuary, 118 E. Main, Lehi, and also Thursday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the church. Interment will be in the Heber City Cemetery, at 3:00 p.m.
Published in the Salt Lake Tribune on 3/6/2005.
Also published in the Deseret News on the same date.

Music played at the funeral service by Alena Hicken:
Lara's Theme
It's Only a Paper Moon
Tara's Theme
I Have Two Little Hands (Primary Hymn)
Because I Have Been Given Much
Kunkel, LaVone (I423)
962 Viewed census record. The transcriber's view was hindered by the census taker's handwriting of the "y" in Fanny's name over John's middle initial, but if you look closely and compare the consistency of the letters it is definitely a "T" for the middle initial. Burnett, John Thomas (I482)
963 vol38 #4 Underwood, Mary (I2145)
964 Volume VII, No. 1 March 1988 Source (S111)
965 Washington 1990 Source (S89)
966 WATSON, Shimie, age 25, single, occupation Farmer, son of Shimie and Mary Watson to Mildred East, age 25, single, daughter of Thomas C. and Matilda East.15 November 1866. Married by William Motley.

Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection

Name and Age: Sherrie H. Watson, age 63 as of 1902, received $30 pension as
approved by Wm. B. Hurt, Chmn. of Confederate Pension Board.

Comrades of veteran: (See Mildred J. Watson)

VA town: Red Eye

Member of: Company I, 53rd VA Regt.

Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection


Name and Age: Mildred J. Watson, age 74 as of 1914, resided with her son, Paul
Watson. Married Nov. 15, 1866 by Rev. Wm. Motley

Widow of: Sherrie H. Watson who died on March 11, 1914 of heart disease.
Captured July 3, 1863.

Comrades of veteran: James W. Whitehead, Sr. and James Carter, both of Chatham

VA town: Whittles Depot

Member of: 53rd VA Regt., Company I

Watson, Shemi H. (I3535)
967 While working at the Falls, he fell into the river and drowned.

Source: Craig Bryant  
Knapp, Nathan (I2339)
968 Widdifield Cemetery
On Stowe farm across the road from the EmmanuelP. H. Church
The inscriptions on other stones are illegible.Many graves are marked by rocks
***Information from Dail Yeatts***
Daniel, John W. (I641)

Name and Age: Lettie Parsons,, 89 as of 1911, Married on Nov. 15, 1842 in
Pittsylvania Co. by Rev. Woodson

Widow of: William R. Parsons who died on Nov. 7, 1910 of old age.Comrades of
veteran: J. W. WHITEHAEAD and JAMES CARTER, both of Chatham

VA town:-Chatham

Member of: R. W. Martin, Col. and Wm. M Tredway, Jrs. Company
Yeatts, Lettie (I829)

NAME:: Martha Harding, 67 as of 1901, Widow of John Hardy who died on Dec. 11,
1900 of paralysis, Married in 1850.


MEMBER OF: Company C, 5th Regt.. VA Cavalry
Yeatts, Martha Ann (I515)
971 Wife is listed as a widow on the 1880 United States Census:
Dickensons, Franklin, Virginia
Family History Library Film 1255366
NA Film Number T9-1366
Page Number 256C
Barnwell, T. P. (I1119)
972 wife listed as widowed on the 1880 Census with surname Saunsosee. Saunsosee, Louis (I3817)
973 Wife, Nettie Nelson, gave birth to a son, Arthur Silas Burnett on 10 Nov 1900. The month after her husband died. Burnett, Arthur Silas (I23315)
974 wife: Mathen Taylor married 19 May 1617, St. Andrew's Church, Earl's Colne, co. Essex,, England

Also married to Joan ? 
Brownson, John (I1689)
975 Wife: Mechteld VAN HEEMSTEDE

Cuser, Willem (I1896)
976 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Steed, Helen (I663)
977 Will dated 2 Oct 1776; probate 22 May 1777 in Pittsylvania Co. Dodson, Fortunatus (I23564)
978 Will of John Johnson
30 September 1659
The last will and Testament of John Johnson of Roxbury, this 30th of the 7th, '59, having my perfect memory and understanding by the blessing of my mercyfull Father, whose reconciled face in Jesus Christ my soule waitesth to behold. I dispose of my worldly goods and estate as followeth. My dwelling house and certaine lands I have allready given to my beloved wife during the term of her natural live, according to a deed wh is extant wh deede my will is shall be fulfilled, wherein also I have given her 60 pounds for her household furniture, wh house and lands after my wifes decease I give unto my 5 children to be equally divided, my eldest sonne having a double portion therein, according to the word of God. I give unto my two grandchildren who have lived with me Elizabeth Johnson and Mehitable Johnson, each of them 5 Lbs this to be paide within one yeare after my decease. I have formerly given to my sonnes Isaac Johnson and Robert Pepper a parcel of lands of 55 acres in the third division of the towns which I do hereby confirme.
All the rest of my lands debts and moveable goods, my debts and funeral charges being first discharged I doe give unto my five children to be equally divided, my eldest sonne haveing a double portion. Also I make my sonns Isaak Johnson and Robert Pepper my executors of this my last will and Testament, and I request my deare brethren Elder Heath, and Deakon Parke, to be overseers of this my will and Testament, and in token of my love I give you each 10 pounds. If my children should disagree in any thing, I dow order them to choose one man more, to these my overseers, and stand to theire determination.
the mark of J. J. John Johnson
John Eliot
Johnson, Captain John (I6860)
979 Will Probated Pigg, Paul (I2392)
980 William Redfin was also known and William Redfyne, William Redfen, and William Redfyn. He and Rebecca immigrated before 1639 to Massachusetts.
William Redfin, son of Unknown and Cyrena Dustin (?), was born in 1613 in , Kent, England and died in Apr 1662 in New London, New London, Connecticut, at age 49.

General Notes: BIOGRAPHY: William Redfield (Redfin, Redfyn, Redfyne) Probably French Huguenot - came from England about 1630. In 1639 he occupied a house and four acres of land on the south side of Charles River, Mass. about sixmiles from Boston. It was on the northwesterly corner of what is now Brighton ( near the present railroad station of Brighton. Later he became one of the early settlers of Pequot, now New London, Connecticut. In 1653 his name occurs in connection with Johnathan Brewster, son of elder William Brewster, who obtained title of lane from Uncas, the Mohegan chief, and conveyed to William Redfin May 29, 1654, ten acres of land; here he built a house and fenced it in.

Redfield or Redfin, William (I3893)
Date of Death: 12/27/1957
Burial Property Name: Camellia Lawn
Burial Section: 2
Burial Lot: 1021
Grave/Niche: 1
Entrance Gate: 17

Spouse: Lillian Littleford

Date of Death: 04/28/1993
Burial Property Name: Camellia Lawn
Burial Section: 2
Burial Lot: 1021
Grave/Niche: 2
Entrance Gate: 17
Winkless, Joseph Thomas (I23808)
982 www.lds.org/churchhistory/library/pioneercompanysearch/ Source (S124)
983 www.udn.lib.utah.edu Source (S153)
984 Yakima Herald-Republic (WA) - March 25, 2005
Deceased Name: Germaine T. Simon
Germaine T. Simon, 87, former Yakima resident, died Monday at Life Care Center of Bothell, Wash.

Mrs. Simon was born in St. Leon, Manitoba, Canada. She moved with her family to the Northwest at an early age and settled in Moxee City. She cooked for the nuns at Holy Rosary School. She also worked as a grocery clerk, fruit packer and landlady of many properties that she purchased and renovated. Following the death of her husband, she moved to Bothell.

Survivors include one son, Steve L. Simon of Yakima; three daughters, DeAnna Taylor of Monroe, Wash., Joann Heutmaker of Shoreline, Wash., and Linda Pich/ of Bellevue, Wash.; two sisters, Lynn Remillard and Blanche Deccio, both of Yakima; 11 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Vigil service will be Sunday at 6 p.m. at Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home. Funeral Mass will be Monday at 10 a.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church. The service will conclude at the church. Inurnment will be at Calvary Cemetery at a later date.

Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.

Yakima Herald-Republic (WA)
Date: March 25, 2005
Author: Vera Sanabria
Record Number: 10910B3FCC743CFE
Copyright, 2005, Yakima Herald-Republic. All Rights Reserved.

Moreau, Marie Germaine Theresa Mary Jane (I23438)
985 Yakima Herald-Republic (WA) - March 26, 2005
Deceased Name: Germaine T. Simon
June 4, 1917 - March 21, 2005

Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home

BOTHELL - Germaine was born in St. Leon, Manitoba, Canada, to Joseph and Aglae Moreau. She moved with her family to the Northwest at a very early age and eventually settled in Moxee City, Washington. As a young woman she cooked for the nuns at Holy Rosary School in Moxee. During this time, Germaine met and later married her husband of 61 years, Clyde Simon.

Germaine worked as at grocery store checker, a fruit packer and landlady of many properties that she purchased and renovated. She was a creative and fun designer of many prom dresses, grower of great gardens and canner of many many quarts of fruit and vegetables, fisher of river trout and she had a passion for writing children's stories, until all was robbed from her by the most deadly killer of dreams, Alzheimer's Disease.

After her husband's death, Germaine moved to Bothell to be near her daughters. As her memories faded away, she still brought her children together until she was certain they would always be close. She slipped away quietly having spent the previous day with her family around her recalling all of the great things that she meant to them.

Germaine was the mother of four children: DeAnna (Adrian) Taylor of Monroe, Joann (Dick) Heutmaker of Shoreline, Steve L. (Sally) Simon of Yakima and Linda (John) Piche' of Bellevue; grandmother of eleven, Adrian Taylor, Tracy Lambert, Ken Heutmaker, Kris Jentoft, Cherie and Shannon Heutmaker (deceased), Kim Cline, Jeff Simon, and Stephanie, Yvette and Zachary Piche', and was the great grandmother of eighteen who lovingly all called her "Mimi". She is also survived be two sisters, Lynn Remillard and Blanche (Gene) Deccio, all of Yakima; sisters-in-law, Patricia Tieman of Yakima and Helen Moreau of Cottage Grove, Oregon and by many nieces and nephews.

A Vigil Service will be at 6:00 p.m. Sunday, March 27, 2005, at Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home. A Funeral Mass will be at 10:00 a.m. Monday, March 28, 2005, at St. Joseph Catholic Church. The services will conclude at the church. Inurnment will be at Calvary Cemetery at a later date.

Memorials may be made to the Alzheimer's Association, in care of Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home.

Yakima Herald-Republic (WA)
Date: March 26, 2005
Record Number: 10925C722BBB5B64
Copyright, 2005, Yakima Herald-Republic. All Rights Reserved.

Moreau, Marie Germaine Theresa Mary Jane (I23438)
986 Year: 1850 Territory: Utah County: Great Salt Lake Sheet No: 76A
Reel No: M432-919 Division: Utah (Deseret) Page No: 150
Enumerated by: B. H. Young
Transcribed by Channing Galbraith for USGenWeb,
http://www.rootsweb.com/census/. Copyright: 2004

19 | 96 96 | Almon L. Fullmer | 33 M | Farmer 150 | PA | | F456 |
20 | 96 96 | Sarah Ann Fullmer | 27 F | | NY | | F456 |
21 | 96 96 | Almon L. Fullmer | 6 M | | IL | X | F456 |
22 | 96 96 | Sarah Fullmer | 3 F | | UT | | F456 |
23 | 96 96 | Buckley M. Fullmer | 6/12 M | | UT | | F456 |
1880 United States Census
Thos. PRIDAY Self M Male W 32 ENG Mason & Builder ENG ENG
Sarah PRIDAY Wife M Female W 29 NE --- ---
Thos. PRIDAY Son S Male W 9 UT --- ---
Frances PRIDAY Dau S Female W 5 UT --- ---
Dewett PRIDAY Son S Male W 3 UT --- ---
Julia PRIDAY Dau S Female W 1 UT --- ---

Source Information:
Census Place Providence, Cache, Utah
Family History Library Film 1255336
NA Film Number T9-1336
Page Number 185A
Fullmer, Sarah Ann (I23815)
987 YEATTS, Andrew J., age 23, single, occupation Farmer, son of Stephen and Mary Yeatts to Susan M. Brumfield, age 22, single, daughter of Eppy N. and Martha Brumfield.6 November 1866. Married by William S. McDowell.
Family (F512)
988 YEATTS, Joseph T., age 29, single, occupation Farmer, son of Stephen and Mary Yeatts to Sencan Walton, age26, single, daughter of James M. and Latitia Walton. 19 February 1867. Married by William S. McDowell.

Family (F521)
989 YEATTS, Lee F., age 21, single, occupation Farmer, son of David T. and Tempy Yeatts to Everline L. Adkins, age 18, single, daughter of Doctor L. and Jane Adkins. 24 December 1867. Married by William S. McDowell.
Yates, Lee F. (I1029)
990 ZACHARIAH RIDDLE,SR.(TWIN), b. September 20, 1737, Prince George's County,Maryland (moved to Loudin County,Virginia,named father's Adminstrator of Will and bond for Will); d. 1822, Pittsylvania County,Virginia.

Source: http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~stellacotrill/john-riddle.htm 
Riddle, Zachariah (I3386)

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