RNT Family History

 Cemeteries and Headstones in Shrewsbury Township, York, Pennsylvania, United States of America


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Gerberick,  Appollonia
Gerberick, Appollonia
KLEINFELTER Apollonia GERBERICK no date no date Johannes Michael 
Located    Gerberick, Appollonia (d. Bef 1789)
Kleinfelter,  Elizabeth Christina
Kleinfelter, Elizabeth Christina
KUNKEL Elisabeth KLEINFELTER 18 Feb 1763 28 Mar 1815 Johannes Heinrich KUNKEL Christina  
Located    Kleinfelter, Elizabeth Christina (d. 28 Mar 1815)
Kleinfelter,  Johannes Michael
Kleinfelter, Johannes Michael
KLEINFELTER Johannes Michael 10 Jun 1736 17 Jul 1807 Apollonia GERBERICK  
Located    Kleinfelter, Johannes Michael (d. 17 Jul 1807)
Kunkel,  Johann Heinrich
Kunkel, Johann Heinrich
Located    Kunkel, Johann Heinrich (d. 1827)
kunkel,  John
kunkel, John
KUNKEL John no date no date Anna Barbara KLEINFELTER  
Located    kunkel, John