RNT Family History

 Cemeteries and Headstones in Clinton, Davis, Utah, United States of America


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Burnett,  Althea
Burnett, Althea
Grave Location: B_09_01_1W  
Located    Burnett, Althea (d. 14 Oct 1921)
Burnett,  Aurelia Lucy
Burnett, Aurelia Lucy
Grave Location: A_06_05_3E 
Located    Burnett, Aurelia Lucy (d. 19 Jan 1952)
Burnett,  Chrystal
Burnett, Chrystal
Grave Location: B_09_01_2W 
Located    Burnett, Chrystal (d. 17 Apr 1995)
Burnett,  Edith Sarah
Burnett, Edith Sarah
Grave Location: A_05_01_2E  
Located    Burnett, Edith Sarah (d. 12 Aug 1952)
Burnett,  Horace William
Burnett, Horace William
Grave Location: A_06_12_1E  
Located    Burnett, Horace William (d. 23 Oct 1941)
Burnett,  Joseph David
Burnett, Joseph David
Grave Location: A_06_08_1E 
Located    Burnett, Joseph David (d. 07 May 1947)
Burnett,  Milton Jay
Burnett, Milton Jay
Grave Location: B_09_01_3E  
Located    Burnett, Milton Jay (d. 27 Oct 1995)
Burnett,  Naoma
Burnett, Naoma
Grave Location: A_04_03_2E  
Located    Burnett, Naoma (d. 31 Jan 1988)
Burnett,  Revere
Burnett, Revere
Grave Location: B_08_10_1E 
Located    Burnett, Revere (d. 09 Dec 1970)
Burnett,  Samuel Henry
Burnett, Samuel Henry
Grave Location: B_09_01_1E 
Located    Burnett, Samuel Henry (d. 05 Sep 1945)
Hardy,  Josephine
Hardy, Josephine
Grave Location: A_04_03_4E 
Located    Hardy, Josephine (d. 17 Oct 2002)
Mitchell,  Cathern
Mitchell, Cathern
Grave Location: B_09_01_2E 
Located    Mitchell, Cathern (d. 08 Jun 1937)
Porcher,  Bertha Emma
Porcher, Bertha Emma
Grave Location: A_04_10_2E  
Located    Porcher, Bertha Emma (d. 13 Jun 1945)
Ross,  Ivy Celisia
Ross, Ivy Celisia
Grave Location: B_08_10_2E 
Located    Ross, Ivy Celisia (d. 13 July 1971)
Servoss,  June Lucy
Servoss, June Lucy
Grave Location: A_06_05_2W  
Located    Servoss, June Lucy (d. 01 Mar 1970)
Servoss,  Roy Steel
Servoss, Roy Steel
Grave Location: A_06_05_2E 
Located    Servoss, Roy Steel (d. 26 Oct 1962)
Summers,  Olive Luisna
Summers, Olive Luisna
Grave Location: A_06_08_2E  
Located    Summers, Olive Luisna (d. 24 Jun 1938)
Taylor,  Adrian John
Taylor, Adrian John
Grave Location: A_04_03_1E 
Located    Taylor, Adrian John (d. 19 Sep 1947)
Taylor,  Ernest James
Taylor, Ernest James
Grave Location: A_04_10_3E 
Located    Taylor, Ernest James (d. 23 Jun 1910)
Taylor,  Flora
Taylor, Flora
Grave Location: A_04_01_4W 
Located    Taylor, Flora (d. 30 Dec 1910)
Taylor,  George Albert
Taylor, George Albert
Grave Location: A_04_01_1E 
Located    Taylor, George Albert (d. 15 Jan 1968)
Taylor,  Jesse Lee
Taylor, Jesse Lee
Grave Location: A_04_09_1E 
Located    Taylor, Jesse Lee (d. 05 Nov 1977)
Taylor,  John James
Taylor, John James
Grave Location: A_04_10_1E 
Located    Taylor, John James (d. 03 Apr 1953)
Taylor,  Leone Bertha
Taylor, Leone Bertha
Grave Location: A_04_10_2W 
Located    Taylor, Leone Bertha (d. 05 Feb 1991)
Taylor,  Norris John
Taylor, Norris John
Grave Location: A_04_03_3E 
Located    Taylor, Norris John (d. 23 Dec 1966)
Taylor,  T. J.
Taylor, T. J.
Grave Location: A_06_05_1W  
Located    Taylor, T. J. (d. 10 Sep 1963)
Williams,  Hettie
Williams, Hettie
Grave Location: A_04_01_2E 
Located    Williams, Hettie (d. 15 May 1958)
Wilson,  Adam Hess
Wilson, Adam Hess
Grave Location: A_04_10_1W 
Located    Wilson, Adam Hess (d. 16 Mar 1969)