RNT Family History

 Cemeteries and Headstones in Kaysville, Davis, Utah, United States of America


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Adams,  Joseph Reuben
Adams, Joseph Reuben
Grave Location: 4-15-B-3  
Located    Adams, Joseph Reuben (d. 4 Jan 1970)
Adams,  Lillian Jayne
Adams, Lillian Jayne
Grave Location: 126-4-E-12 
Located    Adams, Lillian Jayne (d. 12 Jan 1988)
Baker,  Calvin Dee
Baker, Calvin Dee
Grave Location: 131-4-E-7  
Located    Baker, Calvin Dee (d. 07 Mar 1994)
Evans,  John Campkin
Evans, John Campkin
Grave Location: 5-34-B-1  
Located    Evans, John Campkin (d. 13 Jul 1958)
Hamblin,  Dennis Lowell
Hamblin, Dennis Lowell
Grave Location: 131-4-E-1  
Located    Hamblin, Dennis Lowell (d. 19 Jan 1994)
Hamblin,  Lowell Leavitt
Hamblin, Lowell Leavitt
Not yet located    Hamblin, Lowell Leavitt (d. 27 Jul 2002)
Hardy,  Heber Fielding
Hardy, Heber Fielding
Grave Location: 131-4-E-2  
Located    Hardy, Heber Fielding (d. 05 May 1980)
Hardy,  Martin Church
Hardy, Martin Church
Grave Location: 131-4-E-4  
Located    Hardy, Martin Church (d. 13 Sep 1983)
Hardy,  Mary Elizabeth
Hardy, Mary Elizabeth
Grave Location: 131-4-E-5 
Located    Hardy, Mary Elizabeth (d. 19 Oct 1980)
Hardy,  Oleen
Hardy, Oleen
Grave Location: 131-4-E-9  
Located    Hardy, Oleen (d. 03 Sep 1980)
Scoffield,  Lillian Rose
Scoffield, Lillian Rose
Grave Location: 4-15-B-1  
Located    Scoffield, Lillian Rose (d. 12 Sep 1982)
Taylor,  Ethel Sophia
Taylor, Ethel Sophia
Grave Location: 4-34-B-9  
Located    Taylor, Ethel Sophia (d. 01 Feb 1971)
Wall,  Grant Elwood
Wall, Grant Elwood
Grave Location: 68-4-E-12  
Located    Wall, Grant Elwood (d. 28 Jan 1977)
Watson,  Annie May
Watson, Annie May
Grave Location: 131-4-E-6  
Located    Watson, Annie May (d. 04 Jun 1984)
Willden,  Emma Celestia
Willden, Emma Celestia
Grave Location: 26-3-A-4 
Located    Willden, Emma Celestia (d. 10 Jun 1942)