RNT Family History

 Cemeteries and Headstones in Davis, Utah, United States of America


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Brinkerhoff, Ireta
Brinkerhoff, Ireta
Not yet located    Brinkerhoff, Ireta (d. 28 Jul 1993)
Willey, Raymon B.
Willey, Raymon B.
Located    Willey, Raymon B. (d. 30 Apr 1991)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Taylor,  Joseph Leroy
Taylor, Joseph Leroy
Not yet located    Taylor, Joseph Leroy (d. 14 Mar 1991)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Burnett,  Althea
Burnett, Althea
Grave Location: B_09_01_1W  
Located    Burnett, Althea (d. 14 Oct 1921)
Burnett,  Aurelia Lucy
Burnett, Aurelia Lucy
Grave Location: A_06_05_3E 
Located    Burnett, Aurelia Lucy (d. 19 Jan 1952)
Burnett,  Chrystal
Burnett, Chrystal
Grave Location: B_09_01_2W 
Located    Burnett, Chrystal (d. 17 Apr 1995)
Burnett,  Edith Sarah
Burnett, Edith Sarah
Grave Location: A_05_01_2E  
Located    Burnett, Edith Sarah (d. 12 Aug 1952)
Burnett,  Horace William
Burnett, Horace William
Grave Location: A_06_12_1E  
Located    Burnett, Horace William (d. 23 Oct 1941)
Burnett,  Joseph David
Burnett, Joseph David
Grave Location: A_06_08_1E 
Located    Burnett, Joseph David (d. 07 May 1947)
Burnett,  Milton Jay
Burnett, Milton Jay
Grave Location: B_09_01_3E  
Located    Burnett, Milton Jay (d. 27 Oct 1995)
Burnett,  Naoma
Burnett, Naoma
Grave Location: A_04_03_2E  
Located    Burnett, Naoma (d. 31 Jan 1988)
Burnett,  Revere
Burnett, Revere
Grave Location: B_08_10_1E 
Located    Burnett, Revere (d. 09 Dec 1970)
Burnett,  Samuel Henry
Burnett, Samuel Henry
Grave Location: B_09_01_1E 
Located    Burnett, Samuel Henry (d. 05 Sep 1945)
Hardy,  Josephine
Hardy, Josephine
Grave Location: A_04_03_4E 
Located    Hardy, Josephine (d. 17 Oct 2002)
Mitchell,  Cathern
Mitchell, Cathern
Grave Location: B_09_01_2E 
Located    Mitchell, Cathern (d. 08 Jun 1937)
Porcher,  Bertha Emma
Porcher, Bertha Emma
Grave Location: A_04_10_2E  
Located    Porcher, Bertha Emma (d. 13 Jun 1945)
Ross,  Ivy Celisia
Ross, Ivy Celisia
Grave Location: B_08_10_2E 
Located    Ross, Ivy Celisia (d. 13 July 1971)
Servoss,  June Lucy
Servoss, June Lucy
Grave Location: A_06_05_2W  
Located    Servoss, June Lucy (d. 01 Mar 1970)
Servoss,  Roy Steel
Servoss, Roy Steel
Grave Location: A_06_05_2E 
Located    Servoss, Roy Steel (d. 26 Oct 1962)
Summers,  Olive Luisna
Summers, Olive Luisna
Grave Location: A_06_08_2E  
Located    Summers, Olive Luisna (d. 24 Jun 1938)
Taylor,  Adrian John
Taylor, Adrian John
Grave Location: A_04_03_1E 
Located    Taylor, Adrian John (d. 19 Sep 1947)
Taylor,  Ernest James
Taylor, Ernest James
Grave Location: A_04_10_3E 
Located    Taylor, Ernest James (d. 23 Jun 1910)
Taylor,  Flora
Taylor, Flora
Grave Location: A_04_01_4W 
Located    Taylor, Flora (d. 30 Dec 1910)
Taylor,  George Albert
Taylor, George Albert
Grave Location: A_04_01_1E 
Located    Taylor, George Albert (d. 15 Jan 1968)
Taylor,  Jesse Lee
Taylor, Jesse Lee
Grave Location: A_04_09_1E 
Located    Taylor, Jesse Lee (d. 05 Nov 1977)
Taylor,  John James
Taylor, John James
Grave Location: A_04_10_1E 
Located    Taylor, John James (d. 03 Apr 1953)
Taylor,  Leone Bertha
Taylor, Leone Bertha
Grave Location: A_04_10_2W 
Located    Taylor, Leone Bertha (d. 05 Feb 1991)
Taylor,  Norris John
Taylor, Norris John
Grave Location: A_04_03_3E 
Located    Taylor, Norris John (d. 23 Dec 1966)
Taylor,  T. J.
Taylor, T. J.
Grave Location: A_06_05_1W  
Located    Taylor, T. J. (d. 10 Sep 1963)
Williams,  Hettie
Williams, Hettie
Grave Location: A_04_01_2E 
Located    Williams, Hettie (d. 15 May 1958)
Wilson,  Adam Hess
Wilson, Adam Hess
Grave Location: A_04_10_1W 
Located    Wilson, Adam Hess (d. 16 Mar 1969)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Baker,  John Edwin
Baker, John Edwin
Grave Location: G-16-8 
Located    Baker, John Edwin (d. 20 Jun 1922)
Hamblin,  William Dudley
Hamblin, William Dudley
Grave Location: F-88-1 
Located    Hamblin, William Dudley (d. 15 Dec 1980)
Hardy,  Eva May
Hardy, Eva May
Grave Location: F-88-2 
Located    Hardy, Eva May (d. 07 Jan 1958)
Hess,  Julia
Hess, Julia
Grave Location: G-19-6 
Located    Hess, Julia (d. 26 Nov 1986)
Johnson,  Annie Mary
Johnson, Annie Mary
Grave Location: G-16-7 
Located    Johnson, Annie Mary (d. 27 Feb 1974)
Talbot,  Forrest John
Talbot, Forrest John
Grave Location: G-19-7 
Located    Talbot, Forrest John (d. 12 Aug 1963)
Varaia,  Angela Isabella
Varaia, Angela Isabella
Grave Location: F-88-3 
Located    Varaia, Angela Isabella (d. 11 Oct 1994)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Adams,  Joseph Reuben
Adams, Joseph Reuben
Grave Location: 4-15-B-3  
Located    Adams, Joseph Reuben (d. 4 Jan 1970)
Adams,  Lillian Jayne
Adams, Lillian Jayne
Grave Location: 126-4-E-12 
Located    Adams, Lillian Jayne (d. 12 Jan 1988)
Baker,  Calvin Dee
Baker, Calvin Dee
Grave Location: 131-4-E-7  
Located    Baker, Calvin Dee (d. 07 Mar 1994)
Evans,  John Campkin
Evans, John Campkin
Grave Location: 5-34-B-1  
Located    Evans, John Campkin (d. 13 Jul 1958)
Hamblin,  Dennis Lowell
Hamblin, Dennis Lowell
Grave Location: 131-4-E-1  
Located    Hamblin, Dennis Lowell (d. 19 Jan 1994)
Hamblin,  Lowell Leavitt
Hamblin, Lowell Leavitt
Not yet located    Hamblin, Lowell Leavitt (d. 27 Jul 2002)
Hardy,  Heber Fielding
Hardy, Heber Fielding
Grave Location: 131-4-E-2  
Located    Hardy, Heber Fielding (d. 05 May 1980)
Hardy,  Martin Church
Hardy, Martin Church
Grave Location: 131-4-E-4  
Located    Hardy, Martin Church (d. 13 Sep 1983)
Hardy,  Mary Elizabeth
Hardy, Mary Elizabeth
Grave Location: 131-4-E-5 
Located    Hardy, Mary Elizabeth (d. 19 Oct 1980)
Hardy,  Oleen
Hardy, Oleen
Grave Location: 131-4-E-9  
Located    Hardy, Oleen (d. 03 Sep 1980)
Scoffield,  Lillian Rose
Scoffield, Lillian Rose
Grave Location: 4-15-B-1  
Located    Scoffield, Lillian Rose (d. 12 Sep 1982)
Taylor,  Ethel Sophia
Taylor, Ethel Sophia
Grave Location: 4-34-B-9  
Located    Taylor, Ethel Sophia (d. 01 Feb 1971)
Wall,  Grant Elwood
Wall, Grant Elwood
Grave Location: 68-4-E-12  
Located    Wall, Grant Elwood (d. 28 Jan 1977)
Watson,  Annie May
Watson, Annie May
Grave Location: 131-4-E-6  
Located    Watson, Annie May (d. 04 Jun 1984)
Willden,  Emma Celestia
Willden, Emma Celestia
Grave Location: 26-3-A-4 
Located    Willden, Emma Celestia (d. 10 Jun 1942)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Barber,  Benjamin Wallace
Barber, Benjamin Wallace
Located    Barber, Benjamin Wallace (d. 18 Jul 1975)
Briggs,  Ethel Malinda
Briggs, Ethel Malinda
Located    Briggs, Ethel Malinda (d. 02 Oct 1983)
Briggs,  Lovenia
Briggs, Lovenia
The first person buried in the Syracuse City Cemetery 
Located    Briggs, Lovenia (d. 17 Jul 1896)
Briggs,  Thomas Edward
Briggs, Thomas Edward
Located    Briggs, Thomas Edward (d. 10 Feb 1950)
Burnett,  Ann
Burnett, Ann
Located    Burnett, Ann (d. 20 Jan 1981)
Burnett,  Thora
Burnett, Thora
Located    Burnett, Thora (d. 10 Nov 1991)
Cook,  Hannah Malinda
Cook, Hannah Malinda
Located    Cook, Hannah Malinda (d. 26 Jan 1973)
Kerr,  Katherine Russell
Kerr, Katherine Russell
Located    Kerr, Katherine Russell (d. 04 Jul 1944)
Miller,  Arnold Franklin
Miller, Arnold Franklin
Located    Miller, Arnold Franklin (d. 30 Jun 1978)
Walker,  Ephriam Charles
Walker, Ephriam Charles
Located    Walker, Ephriam Charles (d. 25 Feb 1965)
Walker,  Ephriam William
Walker, Ephriam William
Located    Walker, Ephriam William (d. 17 Dec 1948)
Walker,  Guardella
Walker, Guardella
Located    Walker, Guardella (d. 15 Apr 1902)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Johnston,  John Therald
Johnston, John Therald
Grave Location: 127H 
Located    Johnston, John Therald (d. 14 Oct 1983)