RNT Family History

 Cemeteries and Headstones in Utah, United States of America


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Frazier,  Silas Miller
Frazier, Silas Miller
Grave Location: R8_6_5 
Located    Frazier, Silas Miller (d. 02 Aug 1948)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Hurst,  Nellie
Hurst, Nellie
Grave Location: B-23-14-6 
Located    Hurst, Nellie (d. 24 Oct 1961)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Hunsaker,  Lilly Mary
Hunsaker, Lilly Mary
Located    Hunsaker, Lilly Mary (d. 08 Jan 1935)
Miller,  Seymour Lewis
Miller, Seymour Lewis
Not yet located    Miller, Seymour Lewis (d. 01 Apr 1955)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Anderson,  Anthon Edward
Anderson, Anthon Edward
Grave Location: A_ 220_ 21_ 8  
Located    Anderson, Anthon Edward (d. 06 Jul 1950)
Andrus,  Adeline Brooks
Andrus, Adeline Brooks
Grave Location: A_ 20_ 20_ 6  
Located    Andrus, Adeline Brooks (d. 20 Apr 1898)
Bateman,  Sarah Elizabeth
Bateman, Sarah Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_ 110_ 15_ 7  
Located    Bateman, Sarah Elizabeth (d. 09 Jan 1902)
Benson,  Don Carlos
Benson, Don Carlos
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 32_ 8 
Located    Benson, Don Carlos (d. 19 Jan 1935)
Benson,  Ezra Taft
Benson, Ezra Taft
Grave Location: A_ 20_ 20_ 8 
Located    Benson, Ezra Taft (d. 03 Sep 1869)
Benson,  Frank Andrus
Benson, Frank Andrus
Grave Location A_ 260_ 23_ 8 
Located    Benson, Frank Andrus (d. 05 May 1937)
Benson,  George Taft
Benson, George Taft
Grave Location: A_ 30_ 21_ 8 
Located    Benson, George Taft (d. 16 May 1919)
Bingham,  Adella
Bingham, Adella
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 35_ 5  
Located    Bingham, Adella (d. 22 Jun 1991)
Bunce,  Henry Hyrum
Bunce, Henry Hyrum
Grave Location: A_ 90_ 45_ 8  
Located    Bunce, Henry Hyrum (d. 29 Sep 1936)
Burnett,  John Thomas
Burnett, John Thomas
Grave Location: A_ 190_ 16_ 8 
Located    Burnett, John Thomas (d. 15 Aug 1938)
Edwards, Leoline Hurst
Edwards, Leoline Hurst
Grave Location: A_ 220_ 21_ 7  
Located    Hurst, Leoline (d. 29 May 1899)
Griffin, Mary Lavern Taylor
Griffin, Mary Lavern Taylor
Not yet located    Taylor, Mary LaVern (d. 12 Jul 2001)
Hansen,  Christine R.
Hansen, Christine R.
Grave Location: A_ 90_ 45_ 7  
Located    Hansen, Christine R. (d. 01 Apr 1945)
Hawkins,  Aurelia
Hawkins, Aurelia
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 51_ 7  
Located    Hawkins, Aurelia (d. 24 Mar 1907)
Holden,  Catherine Mary
Holden, Catherine Mary
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 17_ 7  
Located    Holden, Catherine Mary (d. 04 Jun 1915)
Hurst,  Alexander Reigo
Hurst, Alexander Reigo
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 35_ 8  
Located    Hurst, Alexander Reigo (d. 03 Aug 1914)
Hurst,  Aurelia
Hurst, Aurelia
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 32_ 7  
Located    Hurst, Aurelia (d. 24 Jan 1919)
Hurst,  Charles Clement
Hurst, Charles Clement
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 17_ 8 
Located    Hurst, Charles Clement (d. 15 Mar 1881)
Hurst,  Chatarine
Hurst, Chatarine
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 17_ 3 
Located    Hurst, Chatarine (d. 05 May 1875)
Hurst,  Clement
Hurst, Clement
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 51_ 3  
Located    Hurst, Clement (d. 13 Sep 1881)
Hurst,  Clyde
Hurst, Clyde
Grave Location: A_ 265_ 22_ 6  
Located    Hurst, Clyde (d. 18 Dec 1984)
Hurst,  Conrad W.
Hurst, Conrad W.
Grave Location: A_ 110_ 15_ 1  
Located    Hurst, Conrad W. (d. 14 Jan 1891)
Hurst,  Frederick William
Hurst, Frederick William
Grave Location: C_ 10_ 43_ 8  
Located    Hurst, Frederick William (d. 28 Jan 1933)
Hurst,  Frederick William
Hurst, Frederick William
Grave Location: A_ 110_ 15_ 3  
Located    Hurst, Frederick William (d. 15 Feb 1905)
Hurst,  Frederick William
Hurst, Frederick William
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 51_ 8 
Located    Hurst, Frederick William (d. 31 Oct 1918)
Hurst,  Fredrick William
Hurst, Fredrick William
Grave Location: A_ 400_ 51_ 1  
Located    Hurst, Fredrick William (d. 28 Feb 1992)
Hurst,  Hazen Reigo
Hurst, Hazen Reigo
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 35_ 6  
Located    Hurst, Hazen Reigo (d. 08 Jul 1976)
Hurst,  Hezekiah Thatcher
Hurst, Hezekiah Thatcher
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 17_ 2  
Located    Hurst, Hezekiah Thatcher (d. 30 Dec 1906)
Hurst,  Infant
Hurst, Infant
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 35_ 3A  
Located    Hurst, Infant (d. 14 Mar 1937)
Hurst,  Infant
Hurst, Infant
Grave Location: A_ 190_ 15_ 1B 
Located    Hurst, Infant (d. 07 Aug 1900)
Hurst,  Infant
Hurst, Infant
Grave Location: A_ 190_ 15_ 3  
Located    Hurst, Infant (d. 23 Jan 1904)
Hurst,  Lucy
Hurst, Lucy
Grave Location: A_ 190_ 16_ 7 
Located    Hurst, Lucy Aurelia (d. 12 Feb 1940)
Hurst,  Merlin Leo
Hurst, Merlin Leo
Grave Location: A_ 255_ 29_ 1  
Located    Hurst, Merlin Leo (d. 09 Mar 1970)
Hurst,  Neoline
Hurst, Neoline
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 35_ 4  
Located    Hurst, Neoline (d. 20 Jun 1930)
Hurst,  Nora
Hurst, Nora
Grave Location: A_ 40_ 51_ 4 
Located    Hurst, Nora (d. 28 Oct 1875)
Hurst,  Nora Elisabeth
Hurst, Nora Elisabeth
Grave Location: A_ 110_ 15_ 2  
Located    Hurst, Nora Elisabeth (d. 13 Aug 1891)
Hurst,  Samuel Harris
Hurst, Samuel Harris
Grave Location: A_ 110_ 15_ 8  
Located    Hurst, Samuel Harris Senior (d. 09 Jan 1909)
Hurst,  Wesley
Hurst, Wesley
Grave Location: A_ 190_ 15_ 1A 
Located    Hurst, Wesley (d. 26 Jan 1898)
Hurst,  William Merrell
Hurst, William Merrell
Grave Location: C_ 10_ 43_ 5  
Located    Hurst, William Merrell (d. 26 Dec 1917)
Knight,  Olive Mary
Knight, Olive Mary
Grave Location: A_ 20_ 21_ 5 
Located    Knight, Olive Mary (d. 27 Mar 1905)
Lindsey,  Alvira Deseret
Lindsey, Alvira Deseret
Grave Location: C_ 10_ 43_ 7  
Located    Lindsey, Alvira Deseret (d. 23 Nov 1947)
McCulloch,  Marian
McCulloch, Marian
Grave Location: A_ 250_ 35_ 7  
Located    McCulloch, Marian (d. 27 Jan 1912)
Priday,  Thomas Samuel
Priday, Thomas Samuel
Grave Location: A_ 217_ 6_ 8 
Located    Priday, Thomas Samuel (d. 12 Apr 1915)
Priday, Sarah Ann Fullmer
Priday, Sarah Ann Fullmer
Grave Location: A_ 217_ 6_ 7 
Located    Fullmer, Sarah Ann (d. 19 Nov 1928)
Smith, Sarah Florence Nellie Priday
Smith, Sarah Florence Nellie Priday
Grave Location: A_ 217_ 6_ 4 
Located    Priday, Sarah Florence Nellie (d. 14 Sep 1927)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Webb, George
Webb, George
Located    Webb, George (d. 14 Aug 1906)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Chambers,  Amelia
Chambers, Amelia
Grave Location: B_119_6b 
Located    Chambers, Amelia (d. 08 Jun 1916)
Cragun,  Thomas Calvin
Cragun, Thomas Calvin
Grave Location: B_119_5 
Located    Cragun, Thomas Calvin (d. 23 Mar 1909)
Peterson,  Edna Lucinda
Peterson, Edna Lucinda
Grave Location: A_217_2 
Petty,  William Arthur
Petty, William Arthur
Grave Location: A_217_1 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Silas Lafayette
Allred, Silas Lafayette
Grave Location: 1-E-015-51 
Located    Allred, Silas Lafayette (d. 07 Feb 1949)
Forsyth,  Emily
Forsyth, Emily
Grave Location: 1-E-015-52  
Located    Forsyth, Emily (d. 03 Feb 1946)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Brinkerhoff, Ireta
Brinkerhoff, Ireta
Not yet located    Brinkerhoff, Ireta (d. 28 Jul 1993)
Willey, Raymon B.
Willey, Raymon B.
Located    Willey, Raymon B. (d. 30 Apr 1991)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Taylor,  Joseph Leroy
Taylor, Joseph Leroy
Not yet located    Taylor, Joseph Leroy (d. 14 Mar 1991)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Burnett,  Althea
Burnett, Althea
Grave Location: B_09_01_1W  
Located    Burnett, Althea (d. 14 Oct 1921)
Burnett,  Aurelia Lucy
Burnett, Aurelia Lucy
Grave Location: A_06_05_3E 
Located    Burnett, Aurelia Lucy (d. 19 Jan 1952)
Burnett,  Chrystal
Burnett, Chrystal
Grave Location: B_09_01_2W 
Located    Burnett, Chrystal (d. 17 Apr 1995)
Burnett,  Edith Sarah
Burnett, Edith Sarah
Grave Location: A_05_01_2E  
Located    Burnett, Edith Sarah (d. 12 Aug 1952)
Burnett,  Horace William
Burnett, Horace William
Grave Location: A_06_12_1E  
Located    Burnett, Horace William (d. 23 Oct 1941)
Burnett,  Joseph David
Burnett, Joseph David
Grave Location: A_06_08_1E 
Located    Burnett, Joseph David (d. 07 May 1947)
Burnett,  Milton Jay
Burnett, Milton Jay
Grave Location: B_09_01_3E  
Located    Burnett, Milton Jay (d. 27 Oct 1995)
Burnett,  Naoma
Burnett, Naoma
Grave Location: A_04_03_2E  
Located    Burnett, Naoma (d. 31 Jan 1988)
Burnett,  Revere
Burnett, Revere
Grave Location: B_08_10_1E 
Located    Burnett, Revere (d. 09 Dec 1970)
Burnett,  Samuel Henry
Burnett, Samuel Henry
Grave Location: B_09_01_1E 
Located    Burnett, Samuel Henry (d. 05 Sep 1945)
Hardy,  Josephine
Hardy, Josephine
Grave Location: A_04_03_4E 
Located    Hardy, Josephine (d. 17 Oct 2002)
Mitchell,  Cathern
Mitchell, Cathern
Grave Location: B_09_01_2E 
Located    Mitchell, Cathern (d. 08 Jun 1937)
Porcher,  Bertha Emma
Porcher, Bertha Emma
Grave Location: A_04_10_2E  
Located    Porcher, Bertha Emma (d. 13 Jun 1945)
Ross,  Ivy Celisia
Ross, Ivy Celisia
Grave Location: B_08_10_2E 
Located    Ross, Ivy Celisia (d. 13 July 1971)
Servoss,  June Lucy
Servoss, June Lucy
Grave Location: A_06_05_2W  
Located    Servoss, June Lucy (d. 01 Mar 1970)
Servoss,  Roy Steel
Servoss, Roy Steel
Grave Location: A_06_05_2E 
Located    Servoss, Roy Steel (d. 26 Oct 1962)
Summers,  Olive Luisna
Summers, Olive Luisna
Grave Location: A_06_08_2E  
Located    Summers, Olive Luisna (d. 24 Jun 1938)
Taylor,  Adrian John
Taylor, Adrian John
Grave Location: A_04_03_1E 
Located    Taylor, Adrian John (d. 19 Sep 1947)
Taylor,  Ernest James
Taylor, Ernest James
Grave Location: A_04_10_3E 
Located    Taylor, Ernest James (d. 23 Jun 1910)
Taylor,  Flora
Taylor, Flora
Grave Location: A_04_01_4W 
Located    Taylor, Flora (d. 30 Dec 1910)
Taylor,  George Albert
Taylor, George Albert
Grave Location: A_04_01_1E 
Located    Taylor, George Albert (d. 15 Jan 1968)
Taylor,  Jesse Lee
Taylor, Jesse Lee
Grave Location: A_04_09_1E 
Located    Taylor, Jesse Lee (d. 05 Nov 1977)
Taylor,  John James
Taylor, John James
Grave Location: A_04_10_1E 
Located    Taylor, John James (d. 03 Apr 1953)
Taylor,  Leone Bertha
Taylor, Leone Bertha
Grave Location: A_04_10_2W 
Located    Taylor, Leone Bertha (d. 05 Feb 1991)
Taylor,  Norris John
Taylor, Norris John
Grave Location: A_04_03_3E 
Located    Taylor, Norris John (d. 23 Dec 1966)
Taylor,  T. J.
Taylor, T. J.
Grave Location: A_06_05_1W  
Located    Taylor, T. J. (d. 10 Sep 1963)
Williams,  Hettie
Williams, Hettie
Grave Location: A_04_01_2E 
Located    Williams, Hettie (d. 15 May 1958)
Wilson,  Adam Hess
Wilson, Adam Hess
Grave Location: A_04_10_1W 
Located    Wilson, Adam Hess (d. 16 Mar 1969)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Baker,  John Edwin
Baker, John Edwin
Grave Location: G-16-8 
Located    Baker, John Edwin (d. 20 Jun 1922)
Hamblin,  William Dudley
Hamblin, William Dudley
Grave Location: F-88-1 
Located    Hamblin, William Dudley (d. 15 Dec 1980)
Hardy,  Eva May
Hardy, Eva May
Grave Location: F-88-2 
Located    Hardy, Eva May (d. 07 Jan 1958)
Hess,  Julia
Hess, Julia
Grave Location: G-19-6 
Located    Hess, Julia (d. 26 Nov 1986)
Johnson,  Annie Mary
Johnson, Annie Mary
Grave Location: G-16-7 
Located    Johnson, Annie Mary (d. 27 Feb 1974)
Talbot,  Forrest John
Talbot, Forrest John
Grave Location: G-19-7 
Located    Talbot, Forrest John (d. 12 Aug 1963)
Varaia,  Angela Isabella
Varaia, Angela Isabella
Grave Location: F-88-3 
Located    Varaia, Angela Isabella (d. 11 Oct 1994)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Adams,  Joseph Reuben
Adams, Joseph Reuben
Grave Location: 4-15-B-3  
Located    Adams, Joseph Reuben (d. 4 Jan 1970)
Adams,  Lillian Jayne
Adams, Lillian Jayne
Grave Location: 126-4-E-12 
Located    Adams, Lillian Jayne (d. 12 Jan 1988)
Baker,  Calvin Dee
Baker, Calvin Dee
Grave Location: 131-4-E-7  
Located    Baker, Calvin Dee (d. 07 Mar 1994)
Evans,  John Campkin
Evans, John Campkin
Grave Location: 5-34-B-1  
Located    Evans, John Campkin (d. 13 Jul 1958)
Hamblin,  Dennis Lowell
Hamblin, Dennis Lowell
Grave Location: 131-4-E-1  
Located    Hamblin, Dennis Lowell (d. 19 Jan 1994)
Hamblin,  Lowell Leavitt
Hamblin, Lowell Leavitt
Not yet located    Hamblin, Lowell Leavitt (d. 27 Jul 2002)
Hardy,  Heber Fielding
Hardy, Heber Fielding
Grave Location: 131-4-E-2  
Located    Hardy, Heber Fielding (d. 05 May 1980)
Hardy,  Martin Church
Hardy, Martin Church
Grave Location: 131-4-E-4  
Located    Hardy, Martin Church (d. 13 Sep 1983)
Hardy,  Mary Elizabeth
Hardy, Mary Elizabeth
Grave Location: 131-4-E-5 
Located    Hardy, Mary Elizabeth (d. 19 Oct 1980)
Hardy,  Oleen
Hardy, Oleen
Grave Location: 131-4-E-9  
Located    Hardy, Oleen (d. 03 Sep 1980)
Scoffield,  Lillian Rose
Scoffield, Lillian Rose
Grave Location: 4-15-B-1  
Located    Scoffield, Lillian Rose (d. 12 Sep 1982)
Taylor,  Ethel Sophia
Taylor, Ethel Sophia
Grave Location: 4-34-B-9  
Located    Taylor, Ethel Sophia (d. 01 Feb 1971)
Wall,  Grant Elwood
Wall, Grant Elwood
Grave Location: 68-4-E-12  
Located    Wall, Grant Elwood (d. 28 Jan 1977)
Watson,  Annie May
Watson, Annie May
Grave Location: 131-4-E-6  
Located    Watson, Annie May (d. 04 Jun 1984)
Willden,  Emma Celestia
Willden, Emma Celestia
Grave Location: 26-3-A-4 
Located    Willden, Emma Celestia (d. 10 Jun 1942)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Barber,  Benjamin Wallace
Barber, Benjamin Wallace
Located    Barber, Benjamin Wallace (d. 18 Jul 1975)
Briggs,  Ethel Malinda
Briggs, Ethel Malinda
Located    Briggs, Ethel Malinda (d. 02 Oct 1983)
Briggs,  Lovenia
Briggs, Lovenia
The first person buried in the Syracuse City Cemetery 
Located    Briggs, Lovenia (d. 17 Jul 1896)
Briggs,  Thomas Edward
Briggs, Thomas Edward
Located    Briggs, Thomas Edward (d. 10 Feb 1950)
Burnett,  Ann
Burnett, Ann
Located    Burnett, Ann (d. 20 Jan 1981)
Burnett,  Thora
Burnett, Thora
Located    Burnett, Thora (d. 10 Nov 1991)
Cook,  Hannah Malinda
Cook, Hannah Malinda
Located    Cook, Hannah Malinda (d. 26 Jan 1973)
Kerr,  Katherine Russell
Kerr, Katherine Russell
Located    Kerr, Katherine Russell (d. 04 Jul 1944)
Miller,  Arnold Franklin
Miller, Arnold Franklin
Located    Miller, Arnold Franklin (d. 30 Jun 1978)
Walker,  Ephriam Charles
Walker, Ephriam Charles
Located    Walker, Ephriam Charles (d. 25 Feb 1965)
Walker,  Ephriam William
Walker, Ephriam William
Located    Walker, Ephriam William (d. 17 Dec 1948)
Walker,  Guardella
Walker, Guardella
Located    Walker, Guardella (d. 15 Apr 1902)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Johnston,  John Therald
Johnston, John Therald
Grave Location: 127H 
Located    Johnston, John Therald (d. 14 Oct 1983)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Edwards, Albert Elisha
Edwards, Albert Elisha
Not yet located     

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Christensen,  Niels Christian
Christensen, Niels Christian
Grave Location: A_3_5  
Petty,  Elizabeth Ann
Petty, Elizabeth Ann
Grave Location: A_3_4 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Wiley Payne
Allred, Wiley Payne
Grave Location: E-17-06 
Located    Allred, Wiley Payne (d. 28 Mar 1912)
Christensen, Bellettie Marie
Christensen, Bellettie Marie
Grave Location: G-02-08  
Edwards,  George Q.
Edwards, George Q.
Grave Location: D-14-05 
Edwards, Cathern Maria
Edwards, Cathern Maria
Grave Location: B-15-04 
Edwards, Maryette Lavern
Edwards, Maryette Lavern
Grave Location: A-15-03  
Edwards, William Foster
Edwards, William Foster
Grave Location: C-08-05 
Olsen,  Ole Oluf
Olsen, Ole Oluf
Grave Location: C-10-05 
Olsen, George Theodore
Olsen, George Theodore
Grave Location: B-15-05 
Olsen, John Thomas
Olsen, John Thomas
Grave Location: A-15-04  
Petty,  Heber Chase Kimball
Petty, Heber Chase Kimball
Grave Location: C-11-04 
Petty,  Isaac Adelbert
Petty, Isaac Adelbert
Grave Location: A-11-05 
Petty,  Susan Jane
Petty, Susan Jane
Grave Location: A-07-06 
Petty,  William George
Petty, William George
Grave Location: G-02-05 
Petty, Frank
Petty, Frank
Grave Location: G-02-07  
Simonsen,  Anene
Simonsen, Anene
Grave Location: A-11-06 
Snow,  Eunice
Snow, Eunice
Grave Location: C-11-03 
Voorhees,  Adeline
Voorhees, Adeline
Grave Location: G-02-06 
Williams,  Emma Serena
Williams, Emma Serena
Grave Location: D-14-06 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Amanda Adeline
Allred, Amanda Adeline
Grave Location: 030802 
Barton,  Clara Ann Quirk
Barton, Clara Ann Quirk
Grave Location: 060402 
Edwards,  Lewis Edward
Edwards, Lewis Edward
Grave Location: 030801 
Petty,  George Albert
Petty, George Albert
Grave Location: 060401 
Petty, Anna Peterson Foster
Petty, Anna Peterson Foster
Grave Location: 060405 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Hamblin,  William
Hamblin, William
Located    Hamblin, William (d. 04 Mar 1923)
Willden,  Florence Bell
Willden, Florence Bell
Not yet located    Willden, Florence Bell (d. 04 Jul 1967)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Hamblin,  John Dudley
Hamblin, John Dudley
Grave Location: 725 
Located    Hamblin, John Dudley (d. 02 May 1925)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Johnson,  George Washington
Johnson, George Washington
Grave Location: GV2_53_116 
Located    Johnson, George Washington (d. 22 Jan 1900)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Cottam,  Bertha Jane
Cottam, Bertha Jane
Grave Location: E-08-20-02  
Edwards, Pearl
Edwards, Pearl
Grave Locations: D-15-03-07  
Petty,  Frank Haggerty
Petty, Frank Haggerty
Grave Location: E-08-20-01 
Petty,  Nathan Alma
Petty, Nathan Alma
Grave Location: D-15-03-08 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Lawrence,  Albert Thomas
Lawrence, Albert Thomas
Grave Location: B-8 a 
Petty,  Bell
Petty, Bell
Grave Location: A-8 a 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Dameron,  Lenora
Dameron, Lenora
Nicholson,  Winnieford Tabitha
Nicholson, Winnieford Tabitha
Petty,  Elmer Herbert
Petty, Elmer Herbert
Riding, Velda Hamblin
Riding, Velda Hamblin
Located    Hamblin, Velda (d. 02 Aug 2005)
Willden,  George Henry
Willden, George Henry
Located    Willden, George Henry (d. 11 Nov 1938)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Petty,  Ethel
Petty, Ethel
Grave Location: 219_2_3 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Toone,  John
Toone, John
Located    Toone, John (d. 31 Aug 1893)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Williams,  Mabel
Williams, Mabel
Not yet located    Williams, Mabel (d. 20 Feb 1973)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Brady,  Walter LeRoy
Brady, Walter LeRoy
Grave Location: 10 156 8 
Located    Brady, Walter LeRoy (d. 04 Apr 1971)
Brady, Myrtle Emma Evans
Brady, Myrtle Emma Evans
Grave Location: 10 156 7 
Located    Evans, Myrtle Emma (d. 13 Jun 1995)
Donegan, Francis Amelia Smith
Donegan, Francis Amelia Smith
Not yet located    Smith, Francis Amelia (d. 09 Oct 1938)
Harrop,  Thomas William
Harrop, Thomas William
Grave Location: 04 119 8 
Located    Harrop, Thomas William (d. 07 Dec 1954)
Parker,  Warren William
Parker, Warren William
Grave Location: 05 003 6  
Located    Parker, Warren William (d. 24 Oct 1955)
Parker, Mable Burnett
Parker, Mable Burnett
Grave Location: 05 003 5 
Located    Burnett, Mable (d. 20 Apr 1977)
Taylor,  Sophie
Taylor, Sophie
Grave Location: 04 119 7 
Located    Taylor, Sophia Wickens (d. 03 Jan 1927)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Stubbs,  Ruby May
Stubbs, Ruby May
Grave 2 Lot 103 NW 1/4 Plat A 
Located    Stubbs, Ruby May (d. 26 Jan 1946)
Woodhead,  Willard James Gladwin
Woodhead, Willard James Gladwin
Grave Location: A, 103 NW 1/4, 1 
Located    Woodhead, Willard James Gladwin (d. 27 May 1942)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Porcher,  Sarah
Porcher, Sarah
Grave Location: B_49_7 
Located    Porcher, Sarah (d. 22 May 1913)
Prather,  Emily
Prather, Emily
Grave Location: O_213_6 
Priday,  Charles James
Priday, Charles James
Grave Location: R_39_7  
Located    Priday, Charles James (d. 15 Dec 1912)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Adams,  Sophia
Adams, Sophia
Grave Location: B---- 
Located    Adams, Sophia (d. 29 Oct 1872)
Beal, Rae Winkless Pett
Beal, Rae Winkless Pett
Grave Location: F-13-16-2-S2RW  
Located    Winkless, Rae (d. 19 May 1964)
Beckstead, Hannah Williams
Beckstead, Hannah Williams
Grave Location: U-39-15-5-WEST 
Located    Williams, Hannah (d. 16 Aug 1985)
Bird,  Esther Jane M
Bird, Esther Jane M
Grave Location: J-3-6-2-W 
Located    Bird, Esther Jane M (d. 19 Feb 1938)
Burnett,  Charles Vern
Burnett, Charles Vern
Grave Location: X-4-20-3-E 
Located    Burnett, Charles Vern (d. 22 Jul 1964)
Burnett,  Lillian Jane
Burnett, Lillian Jane
Grave Location: N-18-23-4-E 
Located    Burnett, Lillian Jane (d. 29 Jun 1954)
Burnett,  William John
Burnett, William John
Grave Location: K-20-14--NO.2 
Located    Burnett, William John (d. 03 Feb 1892)
Burnett,  William John
Burnett, William John
Grave Location: N-18-23-1-E 
Located    Burnett, William John (d. 21 Apr 1936)
Burnett, Mary Ann Denham
Burnett, Mary Ann Denham
Grave Location: Salt Lake City Cemetery, K-20-14-3-W  
Located    Denham, Mary Ann (d. 10 Jun 1918)
Chamberlin,  Joseph Ramsey
Chamberlin, Joseph Ramsey
Grave Location: J-5-2-4-W 
Located    Chamberlin, Joseph Ramsey (d. 11 Dec 1936)
Checketts, Sarah Isabelle Petty
Checketts, Sarah Isabelle Petty
Grave Location: X_1_180_2E Belle Petty Checketts 1883 11/18/1948 
Denney,  Rebecca Jemima
Denney, Rebecca Jemima
Grave Location: J-7-5--  
Located    Denney, Rebecca Jemima (d. 08 May 1886)
Denton,  Eliza
Denton, Eliza
Grave Location: I-9-3-2-E  
Located    Denton, Eliza (d. 10 Jan 1909)
Faddis, Blanch Sarah Jensen
Faddis, Blanch Sarah Jensen
Grave Location: WEST_6_138_3W 
Foster,  Lorenzo
Foster, Lorenzo
Grave Location: N-16-27-1-E 
Located    Foster, Lorenzo (d. 10 Mar 1966)
Foster, Annie Laurie Taylor
Foster, Annie Laurie Taylor
Grave Location: N-16-27-2-E 
Located    Taylor, Annie Laurie (d. 18 Dec 1929)
Harman,  Benjamin Evans
Harman, Benjamin Evans
Grave Location: K-21-8-2-W 
Located    Harman, Benjamin Evans (d. 07 Feb 1933)
Harman,  Charles Smith
Harman, Charles Smith
Grave Location: D-10-13-1/2-SO 
Located    Harman, Charles Smith (d. 17 Aug 1887)
Harman,  David
Harman, David
Grave Location: K-21-9-4-W 
Located    Harman, David (d. 14 Feb 1923)
Harman, Sarah Evans
Harman, Sarah Evans
Grave Location: D-7-4-- 
Located    Evans, Sarah (d. 06 Oct 1864)
Hawkins,  Creighton
Hawkins, Creighton
Grave Location: F-12-4-1-E 
Located    Hawkins, Creighton (d. 20 May 1932)
Hawkins,  Leo
Hawkins, Leo
Grave Location: F-12-4--  
Located    Hawkins, Leo (d. 29 May 1859)
Hawkins,  Sarah Elizabeth Moulton
Hawkins, Sarah Elizabeth Moulton
Grave Location: F-7-12-1/2-SO  
Located    Moulton, Sarah Elizabeth (d. 02 May 1885)
Hawkins, Charlotte Savage
Hawkins, Charlotte Savage
Grave Location: F-12-4--  
Located    Savage, Charlotte (d. 17 Apr 1887)
Hawkins, Miriam Chase
Hawkins, Miriam Chase
Grave Location: F-12-4-- 
Located    Chase, Miriam (d. 03 Jul 1878)
Hawkins, Sarah Kay
Hawkins, Sarah Kay
Grave Location: F-7-12-1/2-SO 
Located    Kay, Sarah (d. 02 May 1885)
Hollis,  Sophia
Hollis, Sophia
Grave Location: E-3-5-ROD-NO  
Located    Hollis, Sophia (d. 07 Dec 1880)
Hooper,  William John
Hooper, William John
Grave Location: I-9-3-1-ES2 
Located    Hooper, William John (d. 16 Aug 1904)
Johnson,  Delcena Diademia
Johnson, Delcena Diademia
Grave Location: B-3-1-- 
Located    Johnson, Delcena Diademia (d. 21 Oct 1854)
Johnson,  Esther Melita
Johnson, Esther Melita
Grave Location: B-10-2-1/2-S E 
Located    Johnson, Esther Melita (d. 15 Mar 1876)
Johnson,  Lydia Ann
Johnson, Lydia Ann
Grave Location: F-12-4-1-W 
Located    Johnson, Lydia Ann (d. 14 Jul 1934)
Kramer, Doretta Winkless
Kramer, Doretta Winkless
Grave Location: UK46900 
Located    Winkless, Doretta (d. 18 May 1991)
Kunkel,  Arthur Roy
Kunkel, Arthur Roy
Grave Location: R-13-8-1-E 
Located    Kunkel, Arthur Roy (d. 30 Oct 1951)
Kunkel,  Belle Gay
Kunkel, Belle Gay
Grave Location: E-3-5-4- 
Located    Kunkel, Belle Gay (d. 22 Jan 1897)
Kunkel,  Jacob Roscoe
Kunkel, Jacob Roscoe
Grave Location: X-1-106-1-E 
Located    Kunkel, Jacob Roscoe (d. 26 Mar 1942)
Kunkel,  Solomon Acton
Kunkel, Solomon Acton
Grave Location: E-3-6-2-S2 W 
Located    Kunkel, Solomon Acton (d. 14 Sep 1916)
Kunkel, Martha M. Winkless
Kunkel, Martha M. Winkless
Grave Location: R-13-8-2-EAST 
Located    Winkless, Martha M. (d. 12 Oct 1984)
Kunkel, Ralph Gerald
Kunkel, Ralph Gerald
Grave Location: F-10-1-4-E 
Located    Kunkel, Ralph Gerald (d. 14 Mar 1923)
Lawrence,  Matilda
Lawrence, Matilda
Grave Location: E-3-5--S1/2 
Located    Lawrence, Matilda (d. 21 Jan 1864)
Lott,  Cornelius Peter
Lott, Cornelius Peter
Grave Location: C-1-7-- 
Located    Lott, Cornelius Peter (d. 06 Jul 1850)
Marston,  Miriam Coucher
Marston, Miriam Coucher
Grave Location: J-7-10-3-E 
Located    Marston, Miriam Coucher (d. 24 Feb 1934)
Mathias,  Mary
Mathias, Mary
Grave Location: D-10-13-1/2-SO 
Located    Mathias, Mary (d. 21 Dec 1874)
Miller, Mary Emily Priday
Miller, Mary Emily Priday
Grave Location: M-18-3-2-E 
Located    Priday, Mary Emily (d. 21 Mar 1924)
Morgan,  Sarah Ann Williams
Morgan, Sarah Ann Williams
Grave Location: R-26-5-2-W 
Located    Williams, Sarah Ann (d. 02 Feb 1968)
Moulton,  Duane
Moulton, Duane
Grave Location: U-22-8-3-WEST  
Located    Moulton, Duane (d. 09 Sep 1985)
Moulton,  Hyrum Chase
Moulton, Hyrum Chase
Grave Location: U-22-8-1-W 
Located    Moulton, Hyrum Chase (d. 02 Oct 1958)
Packard,  Ray
Packard, Ray
Grave Location: PARK-26-8-1-E 
Located    Packard, Ray (d. 19 Nov 1919)
Packard, Edna Lenore Allred
Packard, Edna Lenore Allred
Grave Location: PARK-26-8-2-E 
Located    Allred, Edna Lenore (d. 22 Mar 1961)
Petty, Junior, Heber Chase
Petty, Junior, Heber Chase
Grave Location: L-34-55-2-E  
Petty, Margia Maria Funk
Petty, Margia Maria Funk
Grave Location: L-15-15-4-W  

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 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Kunkel, Mark Shirley
Kunkel, Mark Shirley
Grave Location: B_135_7 
Located    Kunkel, Mark Shirley (d. 22 Oct 1947)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Cottam, Maggie
Cottam, Maggie
Not yet located     
Petty, Charles Brown
Petty, Charles Brown
Not yet located     

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Hawkins,  Reigo
Hawkins, Reigo
Grave Location: A-1-109-2 
Located    Hawkins, Reigo (d. 02 Jul 1928)
Stay,  Charlotte Elizabeth
Stay, Charlotte Elizabeth
Grave Location: A-1-109-3  
Located    Stay, Charlotte Elizabeth (d. 03 Nov 1934)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
McDougal, Evelyn Moulton
McDougal, Evelyn Moulton
Located    Moulton, Evelyn (d. 29 Mar 2003)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Bessie Amelia
Allred, Bessie Amelia
Grave Location: Row 1 Lot Blk 5 Plat A Grv 2 
Located    Allred, Bessie Amelia (d. 26 Feb 1990)
Barton,  Walter Kilshaw
Barton, Walter Kilshaw
Grave Location: Lot 3 Blk 6 Plat B Grv 
Brown, Sarah Geraldine Petty
Brown, Sarah Geraldine Petty
Edwards,  Chelneshia
Edwards, Chelneshia
Grave Location: Lot 20 Blk 4 Plat A Grv 3 
Edwards,  Dora Eliza
Edwards, Dora Eliza
Grave Location: Lot 20 Blk 4 Plat A Grv 2 
Edwards,  James Peas
Edwards, James Peas
Grave Location: Lot 9 Blk 9 Plat A Grv 
Edwards,  James Peas
Edwards, James Peas
Grave Location: Lot 9 Blk 9 Plat A Grv 4 SWC 
Edwards,  Luther Harrison
Edwards, Luther Harrison
Grave Location: Lot 20 Blk 4 Plat A Grv 1 
Larsen,  James William
Larsen, James William
Grave Location: Lot 1 Blk 5 Plat A Grv 4  
Located    Larsen, James William (d. 26 May 1923)
Lowery,  Louisa Jane
Lowery, Louisa Jane
Grave Location: Lot 9 Blk 9 Plat A Grv 4 
Lowery,  Susan Lucretia
Lowery, Susan Lucretia
Peterson,  John Jens
Peterson, John Jens
Grave Location: Lot 24 Blk 10 Plat A Grv 3 Fro 
Located    Peterson, John Jens (d. 10 Jan 1950)
Petty,  Catherine Elizabeth
Petty, Catherine Elizabeth
Grave Location: Lot 9 Blk 9 Plat A Grv 2 
Petty,  Susan Angeline
Petty, Susan Angeline
Grave Location: Lot 3 Blk 6 Plat B Grv 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Kane,  Mary Elizabeth
Kane, Mary Elizabeth
Grave Location: B_35_1_7  
Located    Kane, Mary Elizabeth (d. 03 Sep 1988)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Isaac
Allred, Isaac
"Call not back the dear departed. Anchored safe where storms are o'er. On the border land we left him, soon to meet and part no more." 
Located    Allred, Isaac (d. 13 Nov 1870)
Zabriskie,  Ellen Keziah
Zabriskie, Ellen Keziah
Located    Zabriskie, Ellen Keziah (d. 09 Jan 1907)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Demill, Fidelia Winget
Demill, Fidelia Winget
Grave Location: 214-F 
Demille,  Jesse
Demille, Jesse
Grave Location: 168-C 
Petty,  Zilpha Genet
Petty, Zilpha Genet
Grave Location: 168-B 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Dalton,  LeRae
Dalton, LeRae
Grave Location: A.37.09.01 
Streetman,  Martin
Streetman, Martin
Grave Location: A.37.09.02 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Robbins, Anna Josephine Snyder
Robbins, Anna Josephine Snyder
Snyder, Chester
Snyder, Chester
10 Jun 1815 21 Mar 1888, 73y, wife Alecta 
Snyder, David
Snyder, David
Snyder, Electra Murdock
Snyder, Electra Murdock
Snyder, Alecta 26 De 1841 21 Jul 1887, 46y, wife of Chester 
Snyder, Georgie Frances
Snyder, Georgie Frances
Snyder, Georgie Frances 
Snyder, Ida Victoria
Snyder, Ida Victoria
Snyder, Ida Victoria 20 Nov 1875 14 Nov 1892, 17y  
Snyder, Isabell
Snyder, Isabell
Snyder, Margaret Melinda
Snyder, Margaret Melinda
Snyder, Margaret M. 11 Dec 1886 25 Jan 1888, 2y 1m 14d, dau of Chester M. & Isabell 
Snyder, Robert Harvey
Snyder, Robert Harvey
Snyder, Harvey 20 Jul 1887 3 Sep 1887, 1m 13d 
Snyder, Royal
Snyder, Royal
Snyder, Royal 15 Jul 1872 11 Mar 1878, 5y 8m 4d 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Demille,  Anna Maria
Demille, Anna Maria
Grave Location: 9-47-2 
Petty,  Joseph Edward
Petty, Joseph Edward
Grave Location: 9-47-1 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Hindley,  John
Hindley, John
Located    Hindley, John (d. 26 Dec 1886)
Hindley, Mary Stubbs
Hindley, Mary Stubbs
Located    Stubbs, Mary (d. 20 May 1903)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Armina
Allred, Armina
Grave Location: 1_27_4  
Located    Allred, Armina (d. 25 Jul 1960)
Christensen,  Soren Peter
Christensen, Soren Peter
Grave Location: 21_15_6W  
Located    Christensen, Soren Peter (d. 26 Mar 1915)
Daniels, Louie Lenore Price
Daniels, Louie Lenore Price
Not yet located    Price, Louie Lenore (d. 19 Sep 1947)
Draper,  Elizabeth
Draper, Elizabeth
Grave Location: 2_23_7 
Located    Draper, Elizabeth (d. Jan 1889)
Gardner,  Caroline Isabel
Gardner, Caroline Isabel
Grave Location: UK428  
Located    Gardner, Caroline Isabel (d. 23 Sep 1900)
Jensen,  Karen Marie Elizabeth
Jensen, Karen Marie Elizabeth
Grave Location: 21_15_7W 
Located    Jensen, Karen Marie Elizabeth (d. 17 Oct 1918)
Moulton,  John
Moulton, John
Grave Location: 21_23_4  
Located    Moulton, John (d. 27 Jun 1882)
Naylor,  Henry Mayor
Naylor, Henry Mayor
Grave Location: 1_27_3 
Located    Naylor, Henry Mayor (d. 02 Feb 1966)
Orton,  Jane
Orton, Jane
Grave Location: 4_15_4-5 
Located    Orton, Jane (d. 18 Dec 1865)
Richmond,  Everett
Richmond, Everett
Grave Location: 3_28_5 
Located    Richmond, Everett (d. 05 Nov 1892)
Selman,  Anna
Selman, Anna
Grave Location: 7_31_2  
Located    Selman, Anna (d. 29 Dec 1891)
Todd,  George
Todd, George
Grave Location: 22_22_5 
Located    Todd, George (d. 01 Oct 1916)
Wride,  Barry
Wride, Barry
Grave Location: 7_31_8 
Located    Wride, Barry (d. 08 Mar 1913)
Wride,  Jane
Wride, Jane
Grave Location: 22_22_4 
Located    Wride, Jane (d. 07 Dec 1888)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Ackerman,  Lydia
Ackerman, Lydia
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 62  
Located    Ackerman, Lydia (d. 08 August 1881)
Allred,  Charles Henry
Allred, Charles Henry
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 4  
Located    Allred, Charles Henry (d. 07 Apr 1966)
Allred,  Lillian Vadelia
Allred, Lillian Vadelia
Grave Location: Block 1 Lot 17 
Located    Allred, Lillian Vadelia (d. 28 Dec 1981)
Allred,  Sarah Turner
Allred, Sarah Turner
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 4 
Located    Allred, Sarah Turner (d. 08 Jul 1932)
Allred,  Silas Lafayette
Allred, Silas Lafayette
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 4 
Located    Allred, Silas Lafayette (d. 12 Dec 1932)
Bean,  James Addison
Bean, James Addison
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 36 
Located    Bean, James Addison (d. 20 Jan 1917)
Brown,  Cosette
Brown, Cosette
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 4  
Located    Brown, Cosette (d. 20 Nov 1958)
Butcher,  Matilda Caroline
Butcher, Matilda Caroline
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 2 
Located    Butcher, Matilda Caroline (d. 03 Oct 1867)
Cragun,  Calvin
Cragun, Calvin
Grave Location: Block 5 Lot 79 
Located    Cragun, Calvin (d. 22 Oct 1939)
Dunn,  Elizabeth
Dunn, Elizabeth
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 15  
Located    Dunn, Elizabeth (d. 22 Aug 1922)
Fausett,  Harriet Catherine
Fausett, Harriet Catherine
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 36 
Located    Fausett, Harriet Catherine (d. 28 Nov 1912)
Fausett,  Joseph Smith
Fausett, Joseph Smith
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 61 
Located    Fausett, Joseph Smith (d. 25 Jan 1922)
Fausett,  Narcissa Rebecca
Fausett, Narcissa Rebecca
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 70  
Located    Fausett, Narcissa Rebecca (d. 19 Apr 1884)
Fausett,  Rebecca Stone
Fausett, Rebecca Stone
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 2 
Located    Fausett, Rebecca Stone (d. 16 Sep 1896)
Fausett,  Sarah Louisa
Fausett, Sarah Louisa
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 4  
Located    Fausett, Sarah Louisa (d. 23 Dec 1915)
Fausett,  William McKee
Fausett, William McKee
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 2 
Located    Fausett, William McKee (d. 06 Sep 1896)
Ferre,  Leo
Ferre, Leo
Grave Location: Block 5 Lot 79 
Located    Ferre, Leo (d. 11 June 1966)
Garrett,  Gladys Vertella
Garrett, Gladys Vertella
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 64 
Giles,  Zella Jane
Giles, Zella Jane
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 8B 
Located    Giles, Zella Jane (d. 20 Apr 1963)
Glazier,  Mary Rosetta
Glazier, Mary Rosetta
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 62 
Located    Glazier, Mary Rosetta (d. 13 Dec 1885)
Hardy,  Vern
Hardy, Vern
Grave Location: Block 1 Lot 17 
Located    Hardy, Vern (d. 05 Jul 1960)
John,  David
John, David
Grave Location: Block 1 Lot 105 
Located    John, David (d. 24 Dec 1908)
John,  Mina Alice
John, Mina Alice
Grave Location: Block 5 Lot 79  
Located    John, Mina Alice (d. 24 Dec 1983)
Johnson,  James Francis
Johnson, James Francis
Grave Location: Block 9 Lot 59 
Located    Johnson, James Francis (d. 08 Mar 1916)
Johnson,  Justus Fielding
Johnson, Justus Fielding
Grave Location: Block 5 Lot 79  
Located    Johnson, Justus Fielding (d. 20 Aug 1975)
Johnson,  Marguerite
Johnson, Marguerite
Grave Location: Block 9 Lot 59 
Located    Johnson, Marguerite (d. 02 Jul 1917)
Johnson,  William Grant
Johnson, William Grant
Grave Location: Block 9 Lot 43 
Located    Johnson, William Grant (d. 09 Feb 1961)
Jones,  David Henry
Jones, David Henry
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 44 
Knapp,  Marinda Melvina
Knapp, Marinda Melvina
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 62 
Located    Knapp, Marinda Melvina (d. 16 May 1916)
Logan,  Ruth Bailey
Logan, Ruth Bailey
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 2 
Located    Logan, Ruth Bailey (d. 14 Jul 1892)
Lott,  Isaiah Barkdall
Lott, Isaiah Barkdall
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 70 
Located    Lott, Isaiah Barkdall (d. 22 May 1923)
Morgan,  Margaret Jane
Morgan, Margaret Jane
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 65 
Located    Morgan, Margaret Jane (d. 27 Jan 1943)
Moulton,  Glen William
Moulton, Glen William
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 111  
Located    Moulton, Glen William (d. 21 Apr 1999)
Moulton,  Mary Malinda
Moulton, Mary Malinda
Grave Location: Block 8 Lot 13  
Located    Moulton, Mary Malinda (d. 25 Jun 1946)
Moulton,  Wilda Elaine
Moulton, Wilda Elaine
Grave Location: Block 6 Lot 111 
Located    Moulton, Wilda Elaine (d. 30 Jun 1995)
Moulton,  William Alma
Moulton, William Alma
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 8B 
Located    Moulton, William Alma (d. 19 Apr 1956)
Moulton,  Zella Inez
Moulton, Zella Inez
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 8B 
Located    Moulton, Zella Inez (d. 04 Nov 1928)
Mount,  Mary Jane
Mount, Mary Jane
Grave Location: Block 5 Lot 73 
Located    Mount, Mary Jane (d. 08 Jan 1890)
Petty,  Bryan Jay
Petty, Bryan Jay
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 64 
Petty,  Catherine Diantha
Petty, Catherine Diantha
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 44 
Redfield,  Hannah Franklin
Redfield, Hannah Franklin
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 4  
Located    Redfield, Hannah Franklin (d. 16 Mar 1881)
Richmond,  Rozina
Richmond, Rozina
Grave Location: Block 9 Lot 59 
Located    Richmond, Rozina (d. 25 May 1949)
Roylance,  William Martin
Roylance, William Martin
Grave Location: Block 1 Lot 54 
Located    Roylance, William Martin (d. 15 Oct 1925)
Sheen,  Ernest Jay
Sheen, Ernest Jay
Grave Location: Block 1 Lot 114C 
Located    Sheen, Ernest Jay (d. 06 Jul 1966)
Smoot,  Horace Alma
Smoot, Horace Alma
Grave Location: Block 3 Lot 19  
Located    Smoot, Horace Alma (d. 07 Dec 1964)
Snow,  Eliza Ann
Snow, Eliza Ann
Grave Location: Block 1 Lot 106  
Located    Snow, Eliza Ann (d. 08 Feb 1901)
Spafford,  Willis Kelsey
Spafford, Willis Kelsey
Grave Location: Block 9 Lot 93 
Located    Spafford, Willis Kelsey (d. 22 May 1936)
Stubbs,  Ann
Stubbs, Ann
Grave Location: Block 5 Lot 79 
Located    Stubbs, Ann (d. 19 Nov 1973)
Stubbs,  Ann Elizabeth
Stubbs, Ann Elizabeth
Grave Location: Block 9 Lot 93  
Located    Stubbs, Ann Elizabeth (d. 01 Dec 1937)
Stubbs,  George Danson
Stubbs, George Danson
Grave Location: Block 4 Lot 15  
Located    Stubbs, George Danson (d. 31 May 1865)

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 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Jensen,  Jens
Jensen, Jens
Located    Jensen, Jens (d. 09 Feb 1900)
Pectol, Dorothy Amelia
Pectol, Dorothy Amelia

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Brinton,  Soloman Alva
Brinton, Soloman Alva
Grave Location: Sec. D Lot 91 Pos. 4  
Located    Brinton, Soloman Alva (d. 21 Jul 1937)
Johnson,  Guernsey Hills
Johnson, Guernsey Hills
Sec. A Lot 194 Pos. 1 
Located    Johnson, Guernsey Hills (d. 12 Oct 1968)
Turner,  Harriet Mariah
Turner, Harriet Mariah
Grave Location: Sec. D Lot 91 Pos. 5 
Located    Turner, Harriet Mariah (d. 27 Mar 1898)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)

Carroll,  Charlotte Moulton
Carroll, Charlotte Moulton
Grave Location: A_81_2 Handcart Pioneer 1856 
Located    Moulton, Charlotte (d. 25 May 1940)
Carroll,  Emily Jane
Carroll, Emily Jane
Grave Location: A_331_11 
Located    Carroll, Emily Jane (d. 17 Sep 1944)
Carroll,  Euphemia Ann
Carroll, Euphemia Ann
Grave Location: A_331_10 
Located    Carroll, Euphemia Ann (d. 18 Apr 1914)
Clegg,  Hanna Mary
Clegg, Hanna Mary
Grave Location: A_249_2 
Located    Clegg, Hanna Mary (d. 27 Sep 1952)
Cluff,  Ada Lenora
Cluff, Ada Lenora
Grave Location: A_122_2 
Located    Cluff, Ada Lenora (d. 10 Jul 1947)
Cummings,  Elisha Jones
Cummings, Elisha Jones
Grave Location: A_249_1 
Located    Cummings, Elisha Jones (d. 11 Dec 1935)
Davis,  Mary Ann
Davis, Mary Ann
Grave Location: A_73_3 
Located    Davis, Mary Ann (d. 12 Mar 1935)
Giles,  Frederick
Giles, Frederick
Grave Location: A_389_1b 
Located    Giles, Frederick (d. 02 Apr 1902)
Giles,  George Francis
Giles, George Francis
Grave Location: A_342_1 
Located    Giles, George Francis (d. 22 Feb 1898)
Giles,  Mary Elizabeth
Giles, Mary Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_326_4 
Located    Giles, Mary Elizabeth (d. 21 May 1932)
Greenwood,  Mary
Greenwood, Mary
Grave Location: A_342_2 
Located    Greenwood, Mary (d. 25 Mar 1913)
Hicken,  Addison
Hicken, Addison
Grave Location: A_305_5 
Located    Hicken, Addison (d. 07 Dec 1924)
Holdaway, Violet May Moulton
Holdaway, Violet May Moulton
Grave Location: A_14_4 
Located    Moulton, Violet May (d. 19 Aug 1978)
Jensen,  Jensine Marie
Jensen, Jensine Marie
Grave Location: A_160_3 
Located    Jensen, Jensine Marie (d. 28 Sep 1932)
Montgomery,  John Neal
Montgomery, John Neal
Grave Location: C_278_7 
Located    Montgomery, John Neal (d. 19 Sep 2002)
Moulton,  Ane Katrine Jensen
Moulton, Ane Katrine Jensen
Grave Location: Grave Location: A_326_7 Annie K. Moulton 
Located    Jensen, Ane Katrine (d. 11 Aug 1950)
Moulton,  Annie Elizabeth
Moulton, Annie Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_326_1b 
Located    Moulton, Annie Elizabeth (d. 12 Mar 1883)
Moulton,  Charles Heber
Moulton, Charles Heber
Grave Location: A_326_5 
Located    Moulton, Charles Heber (d. 23 Nov 1967)
Moulton,  Erma Giles
Moulton, Erma Giles
Grave Location: A_160_1 
Located    Moulton, Erma Giles (d. 08 Nov 1910)
Moulton,  George Francis
Moulton, George Francis
Grave Location: A_160_5 
Located    Moulton, George Francis (d. 19 Jun 1979)
Moulton,  George Franklin
Moulton, George Franklin
Grave Location: A_122_1 
Located    Moulton, George Franklin (d. 11 Dec 1933)
Moulton,  George Wilford
Moulton, George Wilford
Grave Location: A_326_2 
Located    Moulton, George Wilford (d. 07 Mar 1882)
Moulton,  Heber Parley
Moulton, Heber Parley
Not yet located    Moulton, Heber Parley (d. May 1891)
Moulton,  Jack Francis
Moulton, Jack Francis
Grave Location: A_160_7 
Located    Moulton, Jack Francis (d. 30 Oct 1999)
Moulton,  James Heber
Moulton, James Heber
Grave Location: A_331_9 
Located    Moulton, James Heber (d. 29 Mar 1934)
Moulton,  John Ephriam
Moulton, John Ephriam
Grave Location: A_137_1 
Located    Moulton, John Ephriam (d. 03 Feb 1915)
Moulton,  Joseph
Moulton, Joseph
Grave Location: A_326_3 Joseph Moulton has two headstones (one flat***see photo section) 
Located    Moulton, Joseph (d. 06 Mar 1935)
Moulton,  Joseph Franklin
Moulton, Joseph Franklin
Grave Location: A_326_6 Headstone lists his mother and father along with his Aunt Annie who was a sister wife. 
Located    Moulton, Joseph Franklin (d. 23 Apr 1879)
Moulton,  Joseph Giles
Moulton, Joseph Giles
Grave Location: C_21_5 
Located    Moulton, Joseph Giles (d. 12 Mar 1968)
Moulton,  Joseph Jensen
Moulton, Joseph Jensen
Grave Location: A_326_1a 
Located    Moulton, Joseph Jensen (d. 05 Sep 1881)
Moulton,  Josephine Marie
Moulton, Josephine Marie
Grave Location: A_57_6 
Located    Moulton, Josephine Marie (d. 29 Jun 1964)
Moulton,  Lile Marsella
Moulton, Lile Marsella
Grave Location: C_120.5_4 
Located    Moulton, Lile Marsella (d. 26 Feb 1917)
Moulton,  Lillie Marie
Moulton, Lillie Marie
Grave Location: A_326_8 
Located    Moulton, Lillie Marie (d. 24 Mar 1975)
Moulton,  Lyle
Moulton, Lyle
Not yet located    Moulton, Lyle (d. 03 Sep 1978)
Moulton,  Mary Ann
Moulton, Mary Ann
Grave Location: A_389_2 
Located    Moulton, Mary Ann (d. 31 Oct 1868)
Moulton,  Norma
Moulton, Norma
Grave Location: C_278_6 
Located    Moulton, Norma (d. 10 Aug 1971)
Moulton,  Sarah Amelia
Moulton, Sarah Amelia
Grave Location: A_160_2 
Located    Moulton, Sarah Amelia (d. 18 Oct 1912)
Moulton,  Sarah Denton
Moulton, Sarah Denton
Grave Location: A_81_4 
Located    Denton, Sarah (d. 07 Jul 1888)
Moulton,  Sophia Elizabeth
Moulton, Sophia Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_305_6 
Located    Moulton, Sophia Elizabeth (d. 07 Mar 1933)
Moulton,  Thomas
Moulton, Thomas
Grave Location: A_81_3 
Located    Moulton, Thomas (d. 17 Apr 1892)
Moulton,  Thomas William
Moulton, Thomas William
Grave Location: A_298_5 
Located    Moulton, Thomas William (d. 13 Feb 1944)
Moulton,  William Denton
Moulton, William Denton
Grave Location: A_73_1 
Located    Moulton, William Denton (d. 14 Jan 1883)
Moulton, James Heber
Moulton, James Heber
Located    Moulton, James Heber (d. 26 Oct 1891)
Moulton, Mary Lavina Lee
Moulton, Mary Lavina Lee
Grave Location: A_73_2 
Located    Lee, Mary Lavina (d. 02 Dec 1931)
Robbins, Deyce Bell Moulton
Robbins, Deyce Bell Moulton
Grave Location: B_53_2  
Located    Moulton, Deyce Bell (d. 13 Feb 1920)
Shankland,  Margaret
Shankland, Margaret
Grave Location: A_57_4 
Located    Shankland, Margaret (d. 21 May 1908)
Stubbs,  Vera
Stubbs, Vera
Grave Location: A_160_6 
Located    Stubbs, Vera (d. 25 Mar 1983)
Thacker,  Isabell
Thacker, Isabell
Grave Location: A_137_2 
Located    Thacker, Isabell Tonks (d. 02 Mar 1925)
Todd,  Blaine A.
Todd, Blaine A.
Grave Location: A_57_7 
Located    Todd, Blaine A. (d. 08 Aug 1932)

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 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Buhler, Carl Roland
Buhler, Carl Roland
Buhler, Carl Roland Oct 17 1899 Jan 27 1958, Grave Location: Section 4 2 
Located    Buhler, Carl Roland (d. 27 Jan 1958)
Fausett,  John Mckee
Fausett, John Mckee
Fausett, John M. Dec 22 1804 Jan 29 1874, Grave Location: Section 5  
Located    Fausett, John Mckee (d. 29 Mar 1874)
Hasler,  Florence Louise
Hasler, Florence Louise
Buhler, Florence Hasler Apr 21 1907 Jul 27 1979 Grave Location: Section 4 2 
Located    Hasler, Florence Louise (d. 27 Jul 1979)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Allred,  Martin Carrell
Allred, Martin Carrell
Not yet located    Allred, Martin Carrell (d. 02 May 1840)
Fausett,  Isaac Romanzo
Fausett, Isaac Romanzo
Located    Fausett, Isaac Romanzo (d. 26 May 1914)
Mecham,  Samantha Louise
Mecham, Samantha Louise
Fausett Samantha 2 Jan 1930  
Located    Mecham, Samantha Louise (d. 02 Jan 1930)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Ballard,  Ellen Mae
Ballard, Ellen Mae
Brown,  Sarah Jane
Brown, Sarah Jane
Hirschi,  David
Hirschi, David
Petty,  Frank Haggerty
Petty, Frank Haggerty
Petty,  Hamner Duzzette
Petty, Hamner Duzzette
Petty,  John Henry
Petty, John Henry
Petty,  Lilly Mae
Petty, Lilly Mae
Petty,  William Wraph
Petty, William Wraph
Spendlove,  George Isom
Spendlove, George Isom

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Demill,  Adelia
Demill, Adelia
Duzzette,  Alfaretta Matilda
Duzzette, Alfaretta Matilda
Petty,  Amelia Vilate
Petty, Amelia Vilate
Petty,  Jemima Bell
Petty, Jemima Bell
Petty,  Joseph Henry
Petty, Joseph Henry
Petty,  Lucinda
Petty, Lucinda
Lucinda Petty, 4 Jun 1888, 27 Oct 1888 

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Lemmon,  John James Farrington
Lemmon, John James Farrington
Petty,  Albert
Petty, Albert

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Baker,  William
Baker, William
Grave Location: C-26-3-1 
Glazier,  Lewis Orin
Glazier, Lewis Orin
Grave Location: A_F_106_4_EH 
Located    Glazier, Lewis Orin (d. 06 Jan 1882)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Belnap,  Nellie
Belnap, Nellie
Lewis Nellie Belnap 21 May 1898 31 Dec 1978  
Located    Belnap, Nellie (d. 31 Dec 1978)
Jones,  Ann
Jones, Ann
Mitchell Ann Jones 06 Apr 1856 20 Dec 1926  
Located    Jones, Ann (d. 20 Dec 1926)
Kilts,  William Theodore
Kilts, William Theodore
Kilts William Theodore 23 Dec 1905 08 May 1994  
Located    Kilts, William Theodore (d. 08 May 1994)
Lewis,  Jessie Wentworth
Lewis, Jessie Wentworth
Lewis Jesse Wentworth 25 Dec 1897 25 Nov 1986  
Located    Lewis, Jessie Wentworth (d. 25 Nov 1986)
Mitchell,  John
Mitchell, John
Mitchell John 31 Dec 1842 13 Sep 1921  
Located    Mitchell, John (d. 13 Sep 1921)
Simpson,  Alice Elnora
Simpson, Alice Elnora
Kilts A. Elnora Simpson 29 Feb 1908 25 Nov 1986  
Located    Simpson, Alice Elnora (d. 25 Nov 1986)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Wheeler, Priscilla Dean Snyder
Wheeler, Priscilla Dean Snyder
Not yet located     

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Burnett,  Ellis James
Burnett, Ellis James
Grave Location: J-9-25-3E 
Located    Burnett, Ellis James (d. 24 Aug 1961)
Burnett,  Gordon Mitchell
Burnett, Gordon Mitchell
Grave Location: J-G-5-1E 
Located    Burnett, Gordon Mitchell (d. 29 Mar 1993)
Burnett,  James
Burnett, James
Grave Location: F-3-50-5E 
Located    Burnett, James (d. 10 Mar 1895)
Burnett,  John Hugh
Burnett, John Hugh
Grave Location: R-9-27-3W 
Located    Burnett, John Hugh (d. 25 Apr 1952)
Burnett,  Myron Leon
Burnett, Myron Leon
Grave Location: J-9-14-1E 
Located    Burnett, Myron Leon (d. 07 Sep 1931)
Child,  Gertrude Matilda
Child, Gertrude Matilda
Grave Location: J-9-25-2E 
Located    Child, Gertrude Matilda (d. 20 Feb 1936)
Child,  Grace
Child, Grace
Grave Location: J-9-14-2E  
Located    Child, Grace (d. 08 May 1980)
Fairbrother,  Fannie Orchard
Fairbrother, Fannie Orchard
Grave Location: F-3-50-4E  
Located    Fairbrother, Fannie Orchard (d. 27 Jul 1892)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Taylor,  Hannah Arlean
Taylor, Hannah Arlean
Not yet located    Taylor, Hannah Arlean (d. 27 Jul 1992)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Mullen, Vera Ann Taylor
Mullen, Vera Ann Taylor
Grave Location: Row 15-5 
Located    Taylor, Vera Ann (d. 21 Jun 1991)
Taylor, Samuel Williams
Taylor, Samuel Williams
Located    Taylor, Samuel Williams (d. 26 Jul 2005)