Will of Henry Blanks, Deeds and Wills, Book 10, Page 73, Film 0033267,

FHL.  Written 15 Sep 1794.  Will lists John, Joseph, James and William as his

sons, his daughters are Polly Parsons, Tabitha Farthing, Sarah Watkins and

Elizabeth Bayts.  James and William were living in Georgia.  Will was probated on the motion of Naomi, widow, on 20 Oct 1794.  Witnesses:  Thomas Anderson, Francis Anderson, Elkanah Echols, Richard Anderson.


"In the Name of God Amen I Henry Blanks of the county of Pittsylvania, being sick and weak of body but of sound mind and memory and considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof have thought fit to make this my last will and testament in manner following:  I recommend my soul to God who gave it me and my body to the earth to be intered at the discretion of Executors hereafter named.  ITEM, I give to my beloved wife during her widowhood my household and kitchen furniture, all my stock of Horses, Cattle and Hogs, the Tools and Plantation Utensils belonging to the plantation whereon I live, together with the use of the same during her widowhood after my just debts are payd.  ITEM, I give to my sons John and Joseph two hundred and ten Acres of Land that I now live on joining Bannister

River to be equally divided between them.  Also it is my Will and desire that the above named household and kitchen furniture, all my stock of horses, cattle and hogs and tools and Plantation Utensils belonging to the Plantation should be equally divided between my sons John and Joseph and my Son in law William Parsons and Polley his wife, William Farthing and Tabitha his wife.  ITEM, I gave to my son James of Georgia a Horse now in his possesion to him I give the same to his heirs forever.  ITEM, I give to my son William of Georgia a Mare, Cow & Calf and a Sow now in his possession to him I give the same to his heirs forever.  ITEM, I give to my Son in Law Benjamin Watkins and his wife Sarah five shillings out of my moveable property after my wifes Widowhood.  ITEM, I give to my Son in Law Daniel Bayts and his wife Elizabeth a Cow and Calf now in their possession to him I give the same to his Heirs forever.  And lastly this is my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fifteenth day of September one thousand seven hundred and ninety four.                                       His

                                       HENRY    BLANKS, S S.

Signed, Sealed and published in the        Cross

presence of we? who subscribed the same

in the presence of the said Testator.

Thomas Anderson, Francis Anderson

Elkanah Echols, Richard Anderson


     At a Court held for Pittsylvania County, the 20th day of October 1794.

The within written last Will and Testament of Henry Blanks deceased was exhibited into Court and proved by the Oaths of two of the witnesses hereto and ordered to be recorded.  And on the motion of Naomi, widow and relicit

of the said Testator is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said Testator with the said will annexed? she having first taken the Oath by law prescribed and together with John Blanks, Joseph Blanks and John Owen? her securities entered into bond acknowledged the same.

                                             Will Tunstall




     1782 Census of Virginia, Pittsylvania County, Film 1854091, FHL, shows

Henry Blanks as the head of a household of 6.  Listed next to him was Benjamin Watkins (Sarah) head of a family of 3.  Also listed in the county were Daniel Bates (Elizabeth) head of a household of 2, and William Parsons (Polley) head of a household of 3.  (Assume Tabitha, John and Joseph were still living at home and one other - Will in 1794 shows James and William in Georgia.)


     1785 Census of same film, still shows Henry head of a household of 6.

Benjamin Watkins and William Parsons are head of a household of 4 and Daniel

Bates no change.  It is not clear, but it looks like James Blanks as head of a household of 7.  This Census also shows dwelling houses and other buildings Henry had one house with 3 other buildings.


      FHL Film 0033324, Old Land Surveys, Pittsylvania County, VA,  1746-1782, shows land surveyed for Henry Blanks on 14 Jan 1765 on Banister River.  (Also shows 400 acres for James Blanks on 1 May 1773 and 400 acres for Daniel Bates in 1772.)


     History of Pittsylvania County by Maude Carter Clements shows a list of tithables in 1767, Henry Blanks is one of them.  (There are three Bates: Henry, Isaac and Henry Jr and a Isiah Watkins.)


     There is a death reported on the Register of Births and Deaths, Film 0033327, FHL, that shows Martha E. Blanks, May (I can't read the year), Place Straight Stone, Cause Sore Throat, Age 16, Parents Henry and Nancy Blanks.  Reported by John H. Blanks, brother.  (Both John and Joseph have a Henry, not sure who this is.)


     FHL Film 0033293, Book 2, Page 166, Inventory of the Estate of Henry

Blanks, Deceased, 13 Nov 1794:


     1 Sorrel Mare,  1 Bay _ _                      18 Pounds

     1 Black Cow & Yearling                          3 Pounds 10 Shillings

     1 Prided? Cow & Yearling                        3 Pounds

     2 Axes 1 hand saw old mowing knife

     2 augers & chisell                                        15 Shillings

     1 Frying Pan                                               2 Shillings

     1 Plough hoe 1 Gashing hoe 2 Wedges

     4 old hoes and a Curry Comb                               16 Shillings

     A Double Single Tree and Clevis & 3 Reap Hooks            9 Shillings

     1 Cream Pott 2 bowls & 1 Mug                               4 Shillings

     3 Pewter dishes 2 Basons 6 plates & 3 Spoons      1 Pound  6 Shillings

     2 Stone Juggs                                             3

     1 Meal Sifter Bread Tray, 4 knives & 6 forks               4

     Shoemaker Tool 3 Iron Potts & Hooks                       13

     1 old Woman's Saddle 1 Mans Dillo?                        8 Shillings 6P      1 Flax Wheel 2 Runlets?                           4 Pounds 9 Shillings

     2 Water pales & piggon 1 Phial? of Camphire?               6

     1 Raw Cow hide 1 Cotton Wheel                             16

     1 Table l Chest                                            5

     1 feather bed & furniture Bedstead & Cad?

     1 Dillo?                                          8 Pounds

     1 Broadwing Table 3 old tubs 3 Chairs                      16

     3 Pair of Cards 1 Sow with Pigg & 3 Shoats        2 Pounds 18 Shillings

     1 Sow & 2 Shoats l Large Burrow                   2

     7 Burrows Small in Size                           4 Pounds  4

     1 Bainbe? Stear White face                        2 Pounds  5 Shillings