Researcher: Karen Moulton Mittan


Brigham NEPHI Moulton was born to Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Giles Moulton in Heber City, Utah. With his next older brother, Alma Moulton, he migrated to the Egin Bench near Rexburg, Idaho in 1902. After one year they sold that farm and migrated to Darby, Teton Co., Idaho. Two years of drought forced them to move on. They chose an abandoned homestead in the community of Zenith, Lincoln Co., Wyoming (now Teton Co.). Alma married their cousin Ada Lenora Moulton in 1911 and died later that same year. Nephi eventually bought out Nora's interest in the ranch he and Alma had developed. Nephi married Mathilde Stuve (see other entry), an imported schoolmarm, in June 1917. To them were born 5 children, (living), Merrill Nephi Moulton (see other entry)1918-1992, John Martin Moulton 1920-1920, (living), and Gladys Mary Moulton (see other entry) 1925-2000. Nephi served on the Board of County Commissioners for several years - being the one responsible for the purchase of the first grader for the county roads - and on the local school board for a number of years. He died in Jackson, Wyoming Dec.2, 1966. This information from personal knowledge.