From letter postmarked May 23, 1981, Wylliesburg, Virginia


Correspondence from Euggie Watson to Annie May Watson Hardy:


Dear Annie,


††††††††††† It is a rainy day for which everyone is thankful.I have just talked to you so Iíll tell you all I know or have heard.Grandma Ferrell was a Collins.Samuel Collins married Granny Betsy who was Elizabeth Susan Cole.Granny Betsy was the daughter of Theodore Cole who married a Chaffen from Scottsburg, Halifax Co.I donít know her first name.The place know as the Will Jones Place was the Cole Place where Granny Betsy grew up.Cole owned the Jones, Ponton and Grandma (Ma) Ferrellís Place where we lived.No house at the Pontonís then.Just land and woods.Granny Betsy was buried on the Ponton place and our little brother also.So Iíve been told.There was a little frame around his grave when I first could remember.The Pontons included the graves in their pasture.

††††††††††† Grandma Ferrell married Travis Elbert Ferrell Jan. 15, 1868.His daddy was John Ferrell who owned the Devin Place now known as the Devin Place, near Hebron Church.The Ferrells came from Ireland and were OíFerrells.They dropped the O after our great-grand daddy died, John.

††††††††††† Granny Julie was a Duffer from Lunenburg Co.Great grand Daddy brought her home to the old house on the Devin Place in a one horse wagon.I have her hope chest a pine box with a top on a wooden roller.I had it refinished.Wish you could see it.This is all I remember that Ma told me about our ancestors.Guess thatís far enough back your children (5th) and grand children are the sixth generation, great-grand children 7th/

††††††††††† Tell Martin 90 isnít old.I know a woman who is 90, she had a big dinner Motherís Day and invited me.It sure was nice.She cooked it all herself.Hope you have a nice summer.

††††††††††† I am doing better.The last medication the Dr. gave me has helped a great deal.I have to keep on the diet or else.

††††††††††† Iíll see you in heaven some sweet day.