Most sources acknowledge Ruby Valley as a Pony Express station. [100] The station began in 1859 as part of George Chorpenning's mail route and later served the Pony Express and Overland Mail Company line. William "Uncle Billy" Rogers and Frederick William Hurst managed station operations at Ruby Valley. Rogers served as stationkeeper when Richard Burton visited the site on October 7, 1860. [101] When Burton visited the station, it was considered a half-way point between Salt Lake City and the Carson Valley. [102]

The area's rich soil provided excellent opportunities to raise food and hay for the other stations along the route. A band of Shoshone and the army also established camps near the station at various times. Camp Floyd's Company B of the 4th Artillery Regiment arrived at Ruby Valley in May 1860 to protect the mail route during the Pyramid Lake War and remained there until October. [103] Thereafter, the station's name appeared on the 1861 mail contract list. [104]

As of 1979, a brass marker, provided by the Northeastern Nevada Historical Society, identified the station site. [105]