Annie May Watson Hardy

Born: July 13, 1896 at Wylliesburg, Virginia
Father: William G. Watson
Mother: Malissa Ferrell

Mother died March 1903. I was six years old. Father was left with four children. I was the oldest. Mother's request was to give the baby to her mother, the baby was then three weeks old. Grandfather and Grandmother Ferrell took Euggie. My father took, Thomas, Mattie, and I went to live with his parents, William and Dellia Watson. That was my first year in school. I remember going with my three cousins Ola and Annie Evans and Lula Laprade. We went across Big Creek on a log my Granddad put a hand rail on to keep us from falling in. The school was a little one room school. The teacher I remember so well, Miss Ethel Fouler. She taught me a lot I'll never forget. The next year my Father married again and we moved back to Wylliesburg, the best little town in the world to me. It was Grandmother's hometown, my mother's hometown, and my hometown. The next year I attended Wylliesburg school and my teacher was an old friend of Mother's and Dad's, Miss Maggie Barnes. I was in the 2nd reader. We then moved to Drakes Branch was our post office. We lived on a big farm and didn't go to school. That year we moved and Saxe was our post office and we went to Sunny Side school. My cousin, Rose Watson, was our teacher. I was in the 4th reader and had a history class. I went to Sunny Side school for a year and that ended my schooling. My Grandpa Ferrell wanted to send me to Gradeschool. My Dad said I was needed home to care for my little sister. We, my Dad and family moved to Red Oak, Virginia in 1914. I was married November 11, 1914 to Martin Church Hardy by a Baptist Minister at Wylliesburg, Virginia.

I was a member of the Baptist Church, baptized at 13 years of age. I have always been religiously inclined. My Dad taught me to tell the truth and live my church rules. Baptized May 14, 1915 in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Martin and I lived with his parents in their home the first year of our married life. Our first child was born 19 Dec. 1915. We then moved in a small 3 room house nearby and lived until 1916. We then had 3 girls: Eva May, born Oct. 4, 1917; Josephine, born 22 Jan. 1920. We moved to Martin's father's farm and lived there until May 14, 1934. We then had 7 children: Raymond Martin, born Aug. 22, 1922; Oleen, born Dec. 2, 1924; Amos Ward, born Sept. 26, 1928; and Heber Fielding, born Sept. 13, 1931

May 14, 1934 we left Virginia for Utah. Arrived May at Salt Lake City tired, weary and homesick, but never the thought of turning back.

We came out to Farmington, Utah. Martin and my brother-in-law were farmers. They went to the Moon's Farm and got a job working in the cherries and worked.

We went to the Temple Sept. 4, 1934, and had all the children sealed. After that, Sept. 6, we went to Salmon, Idaho and stayed. April 1935 we came back to North Farmington and rented Bishop George A. Welling's old house and lived there till March 1936. We moved up to the Walker farm. Nov. 13, 1936, our daughter Virginia was born in Salt Lake City. Aug. 11, 1938 our daughter Catherine was born in Salt Lake City. We kept the farm until 1948 when we started building the home we now live in and moved to Kaysville, Utah in 1949.

I love my husband, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandson and daughter. Most of our married life we lived on the farm, the best place to live, I think. We never made much money. We lived at home, raised our food, and never eat out. I am happy I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know the gospel is true. I know God lives and that Jesus Christ is the son of God and our Savior and Redeemer. The Gospel is the greatest thing in my life. Martin and I wanted to go on a mission, but we didn't have the money and when our youngest children grew up we were too old. I love the gospel. I know it's true. There's never been a time since I joined the church that I was sorry for it. I am happy in the gospel. I am very happy with my life. There's only one thing I am unhappy for, my children don't live the gospel. I hope all the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren will turn and live the gospel and work in their great Church. I pray night and day for my family to come back to the Church and I am sure the Lord will answer my prayers in His own time.

I am 70 years old but there's more Genealogy work I want to do.

May God bless us all I pray.