RNT Family History

Heber, Wasatch, Utah



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buhler, Carl Roland   I2225 Taylor 
2 Buhler, Heath Ned   I1254 Taylor 
3 Buhler, Seth Carl   I1255 Taylor 
4 Cummings, Elisha Jones  08 Oct 1862Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3621 Taylor 
5 Cummings, Margaret Lillian  02 Feb 1890Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2236 Taylor 
6 Giles, Zella Jane  28 Sep 1887Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2235 Taylor 
7 Gullickson, Gayle   I2289 Taylor 
8 Hicken, Claude Royal   I432 Taylor 
9 Moulton, Ada Lenora  06 Jan 1891Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23796 Taylor 
10 Moulton, Afton   I447 Taylor 
11 Moulton, Alma Moroni  22 Oct 1880Heber, Wasatch, Utah I782 Taylor 
12 Moulton, Betty Marie  15 Oct 1925Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3590 Taylor 
13 Moulton, Brigham Nephi  12 Aug 1883Heber, Wasatch, Utah I783 Taylor 
14 Moulton, Charles Heber  12 May 1876Heber, Wasatch, Utah I780 Taylor 
15 Moulton, Darel Giles  20 Aug 1912Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3575 Taylor 
16 Moulton, Deaun  09 Feb 1919Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3625 Taylor 
17 Moulton, Deyce Bell  03 Feb 1893Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23797 Taylor 
18 Moulton, Duane  09 August 1932Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3641 Taylor 
19 Moulton, Erma Giles  13 Oct 1910Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3623 Taylor 
20 Moulton, Fern Lillian  15 Dec 1914Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3580 Taylor 
21 Moulton, George Francis  17 Aug 1887Heber, Wasatch, Utah I444 Taylor 
22 Moulton, George Franklin  19 Mar 1863Heber, Wasatch, Utah I509 Taylor 
23 Moulton, George Wilford  02 Sep 1874Heber, Wasatch, Utah I779 Taylor 
24 Moulton, Glen William  12 Nov 1914Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3604 Taylor 
25 Moulton, Helen   I446 Taylor 
26 Moulton, Hyrum Chase  16 May 1884Heber, Wasatch, Utah I4088 Taylor 
27 Moulton, Jack Francis  26 Jan 1913Heber, Wasatch, Utah I422 Taylor 
28 Moulton, James Heber  22 Mar 1879Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23801 Taylor 
29 Moulton, John Ephriam  16 Sep 1860Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2239 Taylor 
30 Moulton, John William  07 Jul 1878Heber, Wasatch, Utah I781 Taylor 
31 Moulton, Joseph Franklin  30 Aug 1878Heber, Wasatch, Utah I497 Taylor 
32 Moulton, Joseph Giles  12 Apr 1871Heber, Wasatch, Utah I777 Taylor 
33 Moulton, Josephine Marie  03 Feb 1877Heber, Wasatch, Utah I496 Taylor 
34 Moulton, June K.   I427 Taylor 
35 Moulton, Kathleen   I425 Taylor 
36 Moulton, Lile Marsella  25 Feb 1917Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3466 Taylor 
37 Moulton, Lyle  21 Jun 1889Heber, Wasatch, Utah I499 Taylor 
38 Moulton, Madeleine   I426 Taylor 
39 Moulton, Mary Malinda  05 Jul 1885Heber, Wasatch, Utah I784 Taylor 
40 Moulton, Norma  09 Feb 1913Heber, Wasatch, Utah I565 Taylor 
41 Moulton, Sarah Amelia  09 Mar 1882Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2233 Taylor 
42 Moulton, Sarah Elizabeth  14 Nov 1869Heber, Wasatch, Utah I776 Taylor 
43 Moulton, Sarah Margaret  10 Feb 1877Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23798 Taylor 
44 Moulton, Sydney   I409 Taylor 
45 Moulton, Thomas William  08 Oct 1872Heber, Wasatch, Utah I778 Taylor 
46 Moulton, Wilda Elaine  27 Oct 1919Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3581 Taylor 
47 Moulton, William Alma  10 May 1880Heber, Wasatch, Utah I498 Taylor 
48 Todd, Jesie  Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3651 Taylor 
49 Todd, Roy   I4077 Taylor 
50 Todd, Sarah Ann  15 Mar 1865Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23799 Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cummings, Margaret Lillian  03 Apr 1890Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2236 Taylor 
2 Moulton, Afton   I447 Taylor 
3 Moulton, John William  04 Aug 1878Heber, Wasatch, Utah I781 Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buhler, Carl Roland  27 Jan 1958Heber, Wasatch, Utah I1256 Taylor 
2 Carroll, Euphemia Ann  18 Apr 1914Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2243 Taylor 
3 Cummings, Elisha Jones  11 Dec 1935Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3621 Taylor 
4 Denton, Eliza  10 Jan 1909Heber, Wasatch, Utah I1332 Taylor 
5 Giles, Frederick  02 Apr 1902Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2240 Taylor 
6 Giles, George Francis  22 Feb 1898Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23193 Taylor 
7 Giles, Mary Elizabeth  21 May 1932Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2242 Taylor 
8 Greenwood, Mary  25 Mar 1913Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23194 Taylor 
9 Hasler, Florence Louise  27 Jul 1979Heber, Wasatch, Utah I1257 Taylor 
10 Jensen, Ane Katrine  11 Aug 1950Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2250 Taylor 
11 Moulton, Deyce Bell  13 Feb 1920Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23797 Taylor 
12 Moulton, Erma Giles  08 Nov 1910Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3623 Taylor 
13 Moulton, George Francis  19 Jun 1979Heber, Wasatch, Utah I444 Taylor 
14 Moulton, George Franklin  11 Dec 1933Heber, Wasatch, Utah I509 Taylor 
15 Moulton, James Heber  26 Oct 1891Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23801 Taylor 
16 Moulton, John Ephriam  03 Feb 1915Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2239 Taylor 
17 Moulton, Joseph  06 Mar 1935Heber, Wasatch, Utah I494 Taylor 
18 Moulton, Joseph Franklin  23 Apr 1879Heber, Wasatch, Utah I497 Taylor 
19 Moulton, Joseph Giles  12 Mar 1968Heber, Wasatch, Utah I777 Taylor 
20 Moulton, Josephine Marie  29 Jun 1964Heber, Wasatch, Utah I496 Taylor 
21 Moulton, Lile Marsella  26 Feb 1917Heber, Wasatch, Utah I3466 Taylor 
22 Moulton, Lyle  03 Sep 1978Heber, Wasatch, Utah I499 Taylor 
23 Moulton, Mary Ann  31 Oct 1868Heber, Wasatch, Utah I502 Taylor 
24 Moulton, Norma  10 Aug 1971Heber, Wasatch, Utah I565 Taylor 
25 Moulton, Sarah Margaret  28 Dec 1906Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23798 Taylor 
26 Moulton, Thomas William  13 Feb 1944Heber, Wasatch, Utah I778 Taylor 
27 Moulton, William Denton  14 Jan 1883Heber, Wasatch, Utah I503 Taylor 
28 Stubbs, Vera  25 Mar 1983Heber, Wasatch, Utah I445 Taylor 
29 Thacker, Isabell Tonks  02 Mar 1925Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2247 Taylor 
30 Todd, Sarah Ann  18 May 1891Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23799 Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moulton, George Francis  21 Jun 1979Heber, Wasatch, Utah I444 Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    OBIT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moulton, Deyce Bell  13 Feb 1920Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23797 Taylor 
2 Moulton, John Ephriam  05 Feb 1915Heber, Wasatch, Utah I2239 Taylor 
3 Moulton, Sarah Margaret  28 Dec 1906Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23798 Taylor 
4 Shankland, Margaret  22 May 1908Heber, Wasatch, Utah I4075 Taylor 
5 Todd, Sarah Ann  19 May 1891Heber, Wasatch, Utah I23799 Taylor 
6 Todd, Thomas Senior  08 Oct 1909Heber, Wasatch, Utah I4074 Taylor 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Moulton / Cummings  27 Sep 1911Heber, Wasatch, Utah F404 Taylor 
2 Moulton / Kunkel  28 Mar 1941Heber, Wasatch, Utah F261 Taylor 
3 Moulton / Peterson  20 Sep 1916Heber, Wasatch, Utah F339 Taylor 
4 Todd / Moulton  28 Nov 1907Heber, Wasatch, Utah F337 Taylor