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 Congregational Burying Place, Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America


P. 203 Burying Places -- Before the second meeting-house was built or any action taken to secure that end, it became apparent to the people of the town that the first burying-ground was in the wrong place -- could not be extended to meet the wants of the community and that another must be secured. Hence, in 1676, the town appointed a committee to select and lay out such a place, but the work was delayed until February 1677-8, when it was completed. Of those who died before the new ground began to be occupied, the town records furnish only the following list:

Feb. 13, 1677-8. The townsmen according to town act Feb 12, 1676, and by town order have laid out one acre of land on the west end of John Beers his home lot for the use of a burying place, bounded east with John Beers, his home lot and common land, South, West, and North with common land.

This was the place which is now, and for more than a hundred years has been commonly called the Congregational Burying Ground. When laid out it was, doubtless, intended for all the people of the town, but many years afterward, when the Episcopal Church was established, another place was laid out which has always been called the Episcopal Burying Ground. Both of these grounds are well filled, and but seldom in these days is a new grave made in them. To walk through them and read the insciptions is something like a visit to the hearthstones of long remembered kindred, where the house is left vacant. (more, which I did not copy).



 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Booth,  Agur
Booth, Agur
In Memory of Capt. Agur Booth, who died Oct 29, 1818, aged 70 years. Mrs. Anna, his relict, died Nov 26, 1818, aged 66 
Booth,  James
Booth, James
James Booth, son of Joseph Booth, died Aug 20, 1766, age 78
Martha Clark, wife of James Booth, died Dec 3, 1747, age 52
Their Children were:
Sarah, Born 1732, Died 1786
James, Born 1735, Died 1809
John, Born 1736, Died 1822
Hezekiah, Born 1739, Died 1761
Josiah, Born 1742, Died 1767
Booth,  James
Booth, James
James Booth, son of James Booth, died March 19, 1809, age 75
Abigail Ann, wife of James Booth, died Aug 11, 1817, age 78.
Their Children were:
Abel, Born 1757, Died 1777
Sarah, Born 1759, Died 1841
Hezekiah, Born 1762, Died 1819
James, Born 1765, Died 1766
Abigail Ann, Born 1766, Died ___.
Betsey, Born 1768, Died 1825
Charity, Born1771, Died 1810
Amy, Born 1773, Died 1844
James, Born 1776, Died ___.
Abel, b 1780, Died _____.  
Booth,  John
Booth, John
(South Side)

John Booth, son of James Booth, Born Aug 3, 1736, Died Dec 2, 1822
Lucy, Wife of John Booth & Daughter of Henry & Ann Curtiss, Born March 1, 1741, Died Sept 17, 1817.
Their Children were:
John, Born 1764, Died 1825
William, Born 1765, Drowned 1810.
Josiah, Born 1768; Died 1772
Mary, Born 1770, Died 1772
David, Born 1771, Died 1792
Josiah, Born 1773, Died 1852
Elijah, Born 1776.
Isaac, Born 1783, Drowned 1810 
Booth,  Joseph
Booth, Joseph
Joseph Booth, son of Richard Booth, who died Sept 1, 1703, age 46. And Hannah, Wife of Joseph Booth & daugher of John & Elizabeth Wilcoxson, who died July 10, 1701, age 38. Their children were:
James, Born 1688, Died 1766
Joseph, Born 1687; Died 1763
Robert, Born_____, Died______.
Nathan, Born_____. Died______.
Zechariah, Born_____, Died 1762.
David, Born 1679, Died 1753
Hannah, Born ______, Died_____.

Booth,  Richard
Booth, Richard
Richard Booth, From England, one of the first settlers in this town in 1639.
Born 1606. Age 82 years in 1688. Date of death unknown. Their children were:
Elizabeth, Born 1641
Ann, Born 1643
Ephraim, Born 1648
Ebenezer, Born 1651
John, Born 1653
Joseph, Born 1656
Bethya, Born 1658
Johanna, Born 1661
Booth,  Zechariah
Booth, Zechariah
Mr. Zechariah Booth, 1762. (This is the footstone, of fine slate. The head-stone has been broken off at the ground, and is not to be found. 
Clark,  Martha
Clark, Martha
Martha Clark, wife of James Booth, died Dec 3, 1747, age 52
Curtiss,  Anna
Curtiss, Anna
Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Ann Booth, Wife to Mr. Zechariah Booth. Who died May 18th, 1733, in ye 37 Year of her Age. 
Wilcoxson,  Hannah
Wilcoxson, Hannah