RNT Family History

 Center City Cemetery, Center, Mills, Texas, United States of America


Center City Cemetery is located in Mills County, Texas in the town of
Center City. To get to the cemetery , leaving Goldthwaite toward Waco on
highway 84, Center City is located about 10 miles east. When you get to Center
City turn right at the top of the hill, by Head's Store. This is the first
road off Hwy 84 and then immediately turn right again by the ancient Oak Tree.
Follow the dirt road across a cattle guard till you get to the cemetery about a
quarter mile in a pasture. Information compiled in 1994 by Sheri Minard, &
Shirley Runnels


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Doggett,  John Franklin
Doggett, John Franklin
Not yet located     
Jones,  Lewis Allen
Jones, Lewis Allen
114. Lewis Allen Jones
Apr 18, 1884-May 9, 1959 
Karnes,  Charlie Andrew
Karnes, Charlie Andrew
489. Karnes, Charlie A. Aug. 22, 1883-Aug. 14, 1967
Karnes,  Lillie Ann
Karnes, Lillie Ann
114. Lillie Ann Jones
Aug 9, 1891-Jan 6, 1982
Karnes,  Myrtle Emma
Karnes, Myrtle Emma
Not yet located     
Nichols,  Elmira Lucille
Nichols, Elmira Lucille
Karnes, Luciel E. Mar. 14, 1892-Apr. 4, 1976