RNT Family History

 Chambersville Cemetery, Chambersville, Collin, Texas, United States of America


Submitted by Ben F. Giles

The Chambersville Cemetery has been in use in Collin County since 1853. It is located about 10 miles NNW of McKinney, Texas at the intersection of County Road #206 and #281. To go to the cemetery from McKinney, take State Hiway 543 at Exit 43 on U.S. Hiway 75. Go north about 1.5 miles to the intersection of County Road 206 and State Hiway 543. Take 206 north about 3 miles to Road 281 and the Chambersville Cemetery.

The cemetery was established on land donated by Elisha Chambers, born in Burke county, North Carolina, and wife, Margaret Ann (Mannon) Chambers, born in Owen county, Indiana. The first burial was their child, Lewis Cass Chambers, born January, 1852, died Sept. 1, 1853. Land was donated for a cemetery and school. The location was named "Chambersville" in honor of the donors of the site. The cemetery grounds were for donated as public burying grounds.

The up-keep has been supported by donations from friends and relatives. A Texas State Historical Marker was placed near the Cemetery entrance in May 2000. Names and tombstone inscriptions listed were obtained from an examination of the actual tombstones in the Cemetery. There are some names listed without a location that were obtained from a list prepared in 1972 by Doris Posey, Wanda O"Roark and Alice Pitts. In these instances, no marker could be found but it is assumed that some type of marker existed in 1972.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Buckley,  Alexander D.
Buckley, Alexander D.
A. D. Buckley Row I Lot#31
19 Jan 1833 29 Jan 1907

Buckley,  Susan A.
Buckley, Susan A.
Susan A. Buckley Row J Lot#19
26 Nov 1854 10 Sep 1859
dau of A. D. & M. J.

Chandler,  Albert
Chandler, Albert
Albert Chandler Row I Lot#37
1826 1912
Early Texas Ranger

Hodge,  Elizabeth Bain
Hodge, Elizabeth Bain
E. B. Morris Row I Lot#9
3 July 1807 18 Aug 1877
"Consort of L.T.

Morris,  Burrila
Morris, Burrila
Burilla Chandler Row I Lot#38
1841 1922
Morris,  Lite Townsend
Morris, Lite Townsend
Lite T. Morris Row I Lot# 10
18 Aug 1804 12 Feb 1877

Morris,  Martha J.
Morris, Martha J.
Martha J. Buckley Row I Lot#32
30 Jan 1829 9 Mar 1891

Morris,  Obitha
Morris, Obitha
Obitha Morris Webb Row I Lot# 6
7 May 1874 17 Apr 1931

Webb,  Thomas Lafayette
Webb, Thomas Lafayette
T. L. Webb Row I Lot# 5
16 Aug 1844 26 Nov 1915