RNT Family History

 Clifton Cemetery, Clifton, Bosque, Texas, United States of America


In the center of the cemetery stands a bronze statue of Francis Marion Kell, bearded face gazing at the heavens, a Bible in his left hand, and his right hand extended skyward. On the base is written, "He Will Not Forsake Thee". Kell was born April 21, 1832 in Indiana and died January 22, 1918. His infant daughter, Sarah Lucinda Kell, was the first person buried here. She died in 1873. The original five acres of land for the Cemetery were purchased January 1, 1894, from N. Jacob and Syverine Nelson for the sum of Two-hundred and fifty dollars (Bosque County Book of Deeds and Records, Vol. 23, Page 50). An additional three and 87/100's acres were bought from Will J. and Hildegard Krueger on November 28, 1960, for the sum of eight hundred seventy-five dollars (Bosque County Book of Deeds and Records, Vol. 186, Page 616).


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Stapp,  Ed
Stapp, Ed
Grave Location: Section I
Ed Stapp 25 OCT 1879--12 NOV 1960
Wallace,  Emma
Wallace, Emma
Grave Location: Section I
Emma Stapp 06 DEC 1880--13 JUN 1948