RNT Family History

 Pine Springs Cemetery, Fayette, Texas, United States of America


This cemetery was visited in November 1986. It is located on
Fayette County Road #355. The actual site is reached by
walking along a path some 25 yards from the road.
Tall cedar trees are growing on either side of the path
creating a tunnel. The cemetery is surrounded by a board fence.
We found headstones with 32 readable names on them
but there are many more unknown burials in this cemetery.
On the gate leading to the path is a sign stating:

Pine Springs Cemetery was used by the town of Oso and
surrounding area for over 40 years, from 1860 until about
1900. Pine Springs Chapel Methodist Episcopal South stood
on this site but was destroyed by fire September 26,1880.

(Note: The cemetery, after falling into disrepair in the early
1900s, was completely restored in 1968 by Mrs. Gregg Ring.
Karen Monsen and Elizabeth Brown visited the site again in
1997 and the cemetery is in complete disrepair.
Most tombstones are broken and unreadable or buried under
growth. An excellent history of the cemetery was written
by Norman C. Krischke called "Pine Springs Cemetery" in September 1997. The history
notes that Abraham and Rhoda Byler, who are buried at Pine Springs, are the
grandparents of J. Frank Dobie. Contact the Archives for more information.)

Source: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/fayette/cemetery/pinesprings.txt


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Faires,  Charles D.
Faires, Charles D.
Charles D. Faires 1873-2-28 1874-5-8