RNT Family History

 Era Cemetery, Era, Cooke, Texas, United States of America


This cemetery is located 1/4 mile northeast of Era and covers some 4.79 acres. The first marked grave is that of Anna L. Allen who died in 1880. The cemetery book was destroyed by fire in 1910 so a complete record of early graves is not available. The cemetery is well kept and in current use. A complete new survey has not been done yet but updates were completed October 29, 2002
Transcribed by Barbara Jarvis
© 2002


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Blanton,  Francis Elizabeth
Blanton, Francis Elizabeth
CLACK, Fannie B. 22 Oct 1868 - 27 June 1943 
Clack,  David Perry
Clack, David Perry
CLACK, D. Perry 15 Mar 1862 - 7 Apr 1940 
Clack,  William Henry
Clack, William Henry
CLACK, W.H. 22 Jan 1829 - 17 July 1915
note: William Henry Clack; parents William Wood and
Isabell Petty Clack from Barren Co, KY
Morris,  Harriet Maria
Morris, Harriet Maria
CLACK, Harriet M. 7 May 1829 - 20 May 1905
note: maiden name MORRIS