RNT Family History

 Kean Cemetery, Jamestown, Russell, Kentucky, United States of America


Kean Cemetery (2003), Russell County, Kentucky
Surveyed by Sheryl Neal Slaughter, Michael E. Slaughter & Gloria Redmon Faught

This cemetery is located south of Jamestown. From the Jamestown Square, go South on U.S. 127, 6.1 miles. Turn left on Clifty Creek Road. Proceed 1.4 miles. Turn right on Kean Cemetery Road. Follow the road 9/10 mile, where the road ends at the cemetery parking area. The cemetery is well maintained and wonderfully peaceful. We did not see any snakes, but did run into a black widow spider and nest on the front of one of the stones. It is in a fairly remote area and would be best not to go there alone.

There are some tombstones piled over the hill outside the fenced area. They will need to be checked in the winter when the snakes are inactive. There are many field stones in the cemetery. We are in the process of trying to find someone who can give us information on those buried in unmarked graves, as well as who those lot owners may be (particularly in rows 1-6). If you know someone who could help with this information, please let us know. Many of the stones are quite deteriorated. In some instances, chalk was used to bring out the inscription for photographing. Since the primary purpose of this page is to document genealogical information, it was deemed better to be able to clearly read the inscriptions.

In the Extracted Data column, a / was used to separate the lines of text as they appear on the stone. Corrections and additions will be made as needed to this listing. Death certificates will be scanned, posted and linked from the Comments column. Comments from relatives and other knowledgeable persons will be added to help further identify the people buried here. Check back often as the comments will be updated regularly. We surveyed Kean cemetery from the back row, right to left, as you face the entrance from the parking lot. Most tombstones face the back of the cemetery.

All tombstones in the cemetery were photographed. Photos of stones containing information on living persons have not been included. If you are close family and would like a copy of one of these stones, place a request using the links at the top of this page. If you find your ancestor here, please send a thank-you and we'll forward it to the volunteers.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Kean,  Sarah D.
Kean, Sarah D.
SALLY D. / WIFE OF / NATHAN McCLURE / BORN / APR. 29, 1811 / DIED / Feb. 6, 1877. / In memory of my mother.
McClure,  Bryan S.
McClure, Bryan S.
Here rests a Beloved / BROTHER & UNCLE / Hon. BRYAN S. McCLURE / BORN / Mar. 13, 1841: / DIED / Feb. 15, 1888. / Dearest brother thou hast left us. / Here thy loss we deeply feel / But tis God who has bereft us. / He can all our sorrows heal.
McClure,  Mary Jane
McClure, Mary Jane
MARY J. / WIFE OF / J. W. WILLIAMS / BORN / JULY 8, 1836, DIED / JAN. 24, 1884. / A faithful wife and mother dear / In sweet repose is sleeping here. / Her painful loss we deeply feel, / But God can all our sorrows heal.
McClure,  Nathan
McClure, Nathan
NATHAN McCLURE / BORN / Mar. 28, 1807, / DIED / Feb. 19, 1869. / Dearest Father thou hast left us / Here thy loss we deeply feel / But tis God who has bereft us / He can all our sorrows heal.
INFANT / Son of / J. W. & MARY J. / WILLIAMS / Born / Sept. 20, 1865, / Died / Sept. 22, 1865.
Williams,  John W.
Williams, John W.
JOHN W. WILLIAMS / BORN / MAR. 18, 1831 / DIED / MAR. 7, 1914. / An honest man is the noblest work of God.
Williams,  Josiah
Williams, Josiah
JOSIAH WILLIAMS / BORN / FEB. 14, 1858 / DIED / NOV. 8, 1888
Williams,  Nathan J.
Williams, Nathan J.
NATHAN J. WILLIAMS / BORN / June 13, 1863 / DIED / Jan. 26, 1887. / A son and loving brother dear / a faithful friend lies buried here
Williams,  William J.
Williams, William J.
WM. J. / Son of / J. W. & MARY J. / WILLIAMS / Born / Mar. 21, 1874, / Died / Sept. 13, 1875