RNT Family History

 Chartiers Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States of America


There isn't much descriptive or historical information available concerning
Chartiers Cemetery. This cemetery was started in 1862. There have been
8 or 9 owners. Reportedly (September, 1999), a company called Cornerstone
Cemeteries owns it. They are probably a "holding company" because it is
identified as:

Chartiers Cemetery Company
801 Noblestown Rd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15106-1249
Phone: (412)276-3366
Distance from downtown Pittsburgh: 4.71 miles

Prior to Cornerstone Cemeteries ownership, the cemetery was always owned
by individuals. There are approximately 35,000 burials here, including a
large section reserved for men who have served in the Civil War.

The current manager has mentioned that Chartiers Cemetery is one of a
few cemeteries left that still allow headstones and planting flowers.
Apparently a lot of cemeteries only allow flat stones now.


The Chartiers Cemetery files were contributed in 1999 by:
Terry Cook, McDonald, PA E-Mail: TCook79370@aol.com
and R. P. Story of Robinson Township, PA


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Lair,  Junius C.
Lair, Junius C.
Grave Location: Section I: LAIR J. C. 1850 1926