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 Oak Hill Cemetery, Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas, United States of America


Oak Hill Cemetery N - Z, Lampasas County Texas

In 1995, the Lampasas County Historical Commission published Lampasas County
Cemeteries 1856-1995. About 150 copies were printed and it is now sold out.
The computer files used to publish this book were created by Jeff Jackson.
On February 22, 1999, the Lampasas County Historical Commission was asked for
their approval to place this material on the Internet. A motion to that effect
was made, voted on, and approved. Jeff Jackson

Copyright 1995, The Lampasas County Historical Commission
Oak Hill Cemetery is located in the northwest part of the city of Lampasas.
It is the largest cemetery in the county and has over 5,000 identifiable graves.
It has been enlarged several times in the past and has grown to about 35 acres in
size. It is divided into twelves blocks, perpetual care, Oak Hill East, and
several other smaller sections. This cemetery is city owned and maintained.
Several people have taken a part in developing the following list of names.
They are: Dr. Rush McMillin, Carlene Price, Jeff Jackson, Charlene Nash, and
several city employees including the cemetery caretakers. This list was
updated and corrected in December 1994 and January 1995. A Texas Historical
Marker was placed in the cemetery in 1992. Five graves sites also have Texas
Historical Markers; Thomas and Susan Pratt, Garrison Greenwood, James S.
Gillett, James J. Beeman and Walter P. Acker.

Oak Hill Cemetery (Texas Historical Marker)
Hartwell Fountain sold ten acres of land to the City of Lampasas in 1872,
to establish this cemetery. Originally known as City Cemetery, it was
renamed Oak Hill Cemetery in 1908. The Ladies Cemetery Association, a
group of concerned Lampasas women maintained the cemetery from 1891 to
1948, when the city assumed responsibility. Among those buried here are
local pioneers, prominent business people, veterans of wars including the
Texas Revolution and the Civil War, and their descendants. (1992)


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Moore, Pearl Eva
Moore, Pearl Eva
Speed, Pearl Eva, July 3, 1896 - Jan. 25, 1978, (Robert Allen), wife