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 Tucker Cemetery, Austin, Travis, Texas, United States of America



Travis County, TX - CEMETERIES - Tucker Cemetery

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Tucker Cemetery on Stoneridge behind Rudy's Bar b que on 360 in Westlake Hills is another of my main lines.

Tucker Cemetery
Relationships not specified are to Martha Susan Teague Tucker who was married to Ellis Henry Tucker
and then to Orlando Tracy! This property had originally been set aside for the family plot by Ellis Henry Tucker!
This mapping was furnished by Virginia Short!


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Short, D.S. 'Duff'
Short, D.S. "Duff"
D. S. “Duff” Short 1877-1928 (Husband of Lula Lynn Tucker) son in law  
Short, James Justice
Short, James Justice
James Justice Short, Co F, 4 REGT, ARIZ BRIG, CSA