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 Wesobulga/Cragford Cemetery, Cragford, Clay, Alabama, United States of America


Wesobulga / Cragford Cemetery, Clay, Alabama
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The town of Cragford was first called Wesobulga but was changed to
Cragford in 1907. Cragford was given the name by the A B & A Railroad.
The town was across Crooked Creek from the depot. There was no bridge
the crossing of the creek was done by fording. Since the village was on
a craggy hill, the town became know as Crag-ford or'' Crag and Ford''

Cragford is best known for the Sabina Knight-Mitchell who was murdered
by Charles Jesse Waldrop. After being hunted down by a posse Waldrop
was hung about a mile from Cragford Baptist Church.

Wesobulga was right in the middle of the Gold Rush District-many men
lost their lives coming down with
''Gold Fever'' in the 1840's and 1850's. It is said there a few
unmarked graves in Cragford Cemetery are men killed in shoot-outs over


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Padgett,  Frances Joana Joyce Morris
Padgett, Frances Joana Joyce Morris
Padgett, Frances Morris 1844-1885
Padgett, Daniel Joseph
Padgett, Daniel Joseph
Padgett, Daniel J CSA 1836-1896