RNT Family History

 Myrtle Ridge Cemetery (Old Newburgh Cemetery), Newburgh, Warrick, Indiana, United States of America


Names submitted by Samantha Miley, history submitted by Tamara Kincaide

State St., Newburgh

The early pioneers of necessity buried their dead along the trails as they came west to seek their fame and fortunes and as they acquired land of their own and settled down the dead were placed to rest in burial grounds on family property.

As the years went by and more families settled in the town and villages this practice became impractical and town cemeteries were laid out to accommodate the need.

Myrtle Ridge was the first formally laid out cemetery in the town of Newburgh. The lots were 18x18 feet and enclosed by white picket fences which were locked and as there was no sexton the owners and survivors cared for the lots themselves.



 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Gray, Keziah McMurtry
Gray, Keziah McMurtry
McMurtry, Keziah Gray 1811-1866
McMurtry, Hester Ann Bloyd
McMurtry, Hester Ann Bloyd
McMurtry, Hester Ann 1791-1869