RNT Family History

 Heber City Cemetery, Heber City, Wasatch, Utah, United States of America



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 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)

Carroll,  Charlotte Moulton
Carroll, Charlotte Moulton
Grave Location: A_81_2

Handcart Pioneer 1856 
Located    Moulton, Charlotte (d. 25 May 1940)
Carroll,  Emily Jane
Carroll, Emily Jane
Grave Location: A_331_11 
Located    Carroll, Emily Jane (d. 17 Sep 1944)
Carroll,  Euphemia Ann
Carroll, Euphemia Ann
Grave Location: A_331_10 
Located    Carroll, Euphemia Ann (d. 18 Apr 1914)
Clegg,  Hanna Mary
Clegg, Hanna Mary
Grave Location: A_249_2 
Located    Clegg, Hanna Mary (d. 27 Sep 1952)
Cluff,  Ada Lenora
Cluff, Ada Lenora
Grave Location: A_122_2 
Located    Cluff, Ada Lenora (d. 10 Jul 1947)
Cummings,  Elisha Jones
Cummings, Elisha Jones
Grave Location: A_249_1 
Located    Cummings, Elisha Jones (d. 11 Dec 1935)
Davis,  Mary Ann
Davis, Mary Ann
Grave Location: A_73_3 
Located    Davis, Mary Ann (d. 12 Mar 1935)
Giles,  Frederick
Giles, Frederick
Grave Location: A_389_1b 
Located    Giles, Frederick (d. 02 Apr 1902)
Giles,  George Francis
Giles, George Francis
Grave Location: A_342_1 
Located    Giles, George Francis (d. 22 Feb 1898)
Giles,  Mary Elizabeth
Giles, Mary Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_326_4 
Located    Giles, Mary Elizabeth (d. 21 May 1932)
Greenwood,  Mary
Greenwood, Mary
Grave Location: A_342_2 
Located    Greenwood, Mary (d. 25 Mar 1913)
Hicken,  Addison
Hicken, Addison
Grave Location: A_305_5 
Located    Hicken, Addison (d. 07 Dec 1924)
Holdaway, Violet May Moulton
Holdaway, Violet May Moulton
Grave Location: A_14_4 
Located    Moulton, Violet May (d. 19 Aug 1978)
Jensen,  Jensine Marie
Jensen, Jensine Marie
Grave Location: A_160_3 
Located    Jensen, Jensine Marie (d. 28 Sep 1932)
Montgomery,  John Neal
Montgomery, John Neal
Grave Location: C_278_7 
Located    Montgomery, John Neal (d. 19 Sep 2002)
Moulton,  Ane Katrine Jensen
Moulton, Ane Katrine Jensen
Grave Location: Grave Location: A_326_7

Annie K. Moulton 
Located    Jensen, Ane Katrine (d. 11 Aug 1950)
Moulton,  Annie Elizabeth
Moulton, Annie Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_326_1b 
Located    Moulton, Annie Elizabeth (d. 12 Mar 1883)
Moulton,  Charles Heber
Moulton, Charles Heber
Grave Location: A_326_5 
Located    Moulton, Charles Heber (d. 23 Nov 1967)
Moulton,  Erma Giles
Moulton, Erma Giles
Grave Location: A_160_1 
Located    Moulton, Erma Giles (d. 08 Nov 1910)
Moulton,  George Francis
Moulton, George Francis
Grave Location: A_160_5 
Located    Moulton, George Francis (d. 19 Jun 1979)
Moulton,  George Franklin
Moulton, George Franklin
Grave Location: A_122_1 
Located    Moulton, George Franklin (d. 11 Dec 1933)
Moulton,  George Wilford
Moulton, George Wilford
Grave Location: A_326_2 
Located    Moulton, George Wilford (d. 07 Mar 1882)
Moulton,  Heber Parley
Moulton, Heber Parley
Not yet located    Moulton, Heber Parley (d. May 1891)
Moulton,  Jack Francis
Moulton, Jack Francis
Grave Location: A_160_7 
Located    Moulton, Jack Francis (d. 30 Oct 1999)
Moulton,  James Heber
Moulton, James Heber
Grave Location: A_331_9 
Located    Moulton, James Heber (d. 29 Mar 1934)
Moulton,  John Ephriam
Moulton, John Ephriam
Grave Location: A_137_1 
Located    Moulton, John Ephriam (d. 03 Feb 1915)
Moulton,  Joseph
Moulton, Joseph
Grave Location: A_326_3
Joseph Moulton has two headstones (one flat***see photo section) 
Located    Moulton, Joseph (d. 06 Mar 1935)
Moulton,  Joseph Franklin
Moulton, Joseph Franklin
Grave Location: A_326_6
Headstone lists his mother and father along with his Aunt Annie who was a sister wife. 
Located    Moulton, Joseph Franklin (d. 23 Apr 1879)
Moulton,  Joseph Giles
Moulton, Joseph Giles
Grave Location: C_21_5 
Located    Moulton, Joseph Giles (d. 12 Mar 1968)
Moulton,  Joseph Jensen
Moulton, Joseph Jensen
Grave Location: A_326_1a 
Located    Moulton, Joseph Jensen (d. 05 Sep 1881)
Moulton,  Josephine Marie
Moulton, Josephine Marie
Grave Location: A_57_6 
Located    Moulton, Josephine Marie (d. 29 Jun 1964)
Moulton,  Lile Marsella
Moulton, Lile Marsella
Grave Location: C_120.5_4 
Located    Moulton, Lile Marsella (d. 26 Feb 1917)
Moulton,  Lillie Marie
Moulton, Lillie Marie
Grave Location: A_326_8 
Located    Moulton, Lillie Marie (d. 24 Mar 1975)
Moulton,  Lyle
Moulton, Lyle
Not yet located    Moulton, Lyle (d. 03 Sep 1978)
Moulton,  Mary Ann
Moulton, Mary Ann
Grave Location: A_389_2 
Located    Moulton, Mary Ann (d. 31 Oct 1868)
Moulton,  Norma
Moulton, Norma
Grave Location: C_278_6 
Located    Moulton, Norma (d. 10 Aug 1971)
Moulton,  Sarah Amelia
Moulton, Sarah Amelia
Grave Location: A_160_2 
Located    Moulton, Sarah Amelia (d. 18 Oct 1912)
Moulton,  Sarah Denton
Moulton, Sarah Denton
Grave Location: A_81_4 
Located    Denton, Sarah (d. 07 Jul 1888)
Moulton,  Sophia Elizabeth
Moulton, Sophia Elizabeth
Grave Location: A_305_6 
Located    Moulton, Sophia Elizabeth (d. 07 Mar 1933)
Moulton,  Thomas
Moulton, Thomas
Grave Location: A_81_3 
Located    Moulton, Thomas (d. 17 Apr 1892)
Moulton,  Thomas William
Moulton, Thomas William
Grave Location: A_298_5 
Located    Moulton, Thomas William (d. 13 Feb 1944)
Moulton,  William Denton
Moulton, William Denton
Grave Location: A_73_1 
Located    Moulton, William Denton (d. 14 Jan 1883)
Moulton, James Heber
Moulton, James Heber
Located    Moulton, James Heber (d. 26 Oct 1891)
Moulton, Mary Lavina Lee
Moulton, Mary Lavina Lee
Grave Location: A_73_2 
Located    Lee, Mary Lavina (d. 02 Dec 1931)
Robbins, Deyce Bell Moulton
Robbins, Deyce Bell Moulton
Grave Location: B_53_2
Located    Moulton, Deyce Bell (d. 13 Feb 1920)
Shankland,  Margaret
Shankland, Margaret
Grave Location: A_57_4 
Located    Shankland, Margaret (d. 21 May 1908)
Stubbs,  Vera
Stubbs, Vera
Grave Location: A_160_6 
Located    Stubbs, Vera (d. 25 Mar 1983)
Thacker,  Isabell
Thacker, Isabell
Grave Location: A_137_2 
Located    Thacker, Isabell Tonks (d. 02 Mar 1925)
Todd,  Blaine A.
Todd, Blaine A.
Grave Location: A_57_7 
Located    Todd, Blaine A. (d. 08 Aug 1932)

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